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  1. wow, thanks very much for the replies guys! this is great stuff. exactly what i'm needing. although i feel the first post went a little out-there at times.
  2. hey dude, still looking for a band? me and a mate are looking for a vocalist, and a bassist, for our wee project. we're looking for a half-scream, half-lovely kinda sound. do you like bands like fall of troy, pulled apart by horses etc? not as scream as them, but you catch le drift. email dannn.ellis@live.co.uk if you're up for it cheers.
  3. hello, myself (a drummer) and a guitarist friend have been jamming for a few months now, and we are needing a bassist and a vocalist to join, for a heavy, mathy, post-hardcore-y band. influences include Fall Of Troy, Blakfish, Mars Volta, The James Cleaver Quintet, a bit of Tubelord, and a bit of Foals! we have a sound cloud, so if you want to listen to some shitty demo things we made, feel free http://soundcloud.com/cyanidejumpclub btw, we're not actually called cyanide jump club! cheers, Dan.
  4. hello guys, my name is Daniel, i'm a first year student studying HND Sound Production. as part of my Graded Unit, i need to design a business, basically. so i have chosen to design my own 'Session Artist' business! basically, it would involve singer songwriters, acoustic players, any bands with missing members etc that needed drum / bass guitar recordings, that i would record for them! the clients can either come into my studio and we can record together, or if the client already has their own recordings but just need the drum / bass tracks added, they can send their recordings via the world wide web, i can then record the tracks needed and then send the completed (mixed and mastered) tracks back to the delighted client! as part of my market research, i need to send out surveys, and ask the public some questions. if anyone could reply to this with the answers to these questions, it would help me a lot! many thanks guys, Daniel. Q1 - what is your views on the idea of a Session Artist Business? is it something you would potentially be interested in? Q2 - if you have paid for recordings before, what sort of price did you pay, and how good was the quality? Q3 - is there anything that you felt was missing from these past recordings? Q4 - would you feel comfortable coming to record the tracks where i live with my parents? Q5 - would you prefer to have real acoustic drum tracks with your songs, instead of perhaps, software drum samples? Q6 - does the idea of some form of loyalty appeal to you? e.g. if you come back to my business for a third time, you get charged half price? Q7. would you rather pay a high price for a high quality recording or a low price for a recording of lower quality?
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