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  1. Dude it's Jack with the 2X12. I'm trying to get hold of you. My facebook won't let me message you! I've mailed you with my partners facebook check your others folder! If not text me 07523950473 I'm coming with the cab for you tonight bud
  2. Ive got an 8100 head and 2X12 cab if thats any use!
  3. If i learnt it then yes. Don't Play nirvana... don't like em
  4. Time to sell my Horizon. Comes with hard case etc and case candy strap locks... Pretty much perfect condition awesome metal guitar! Looking for 1100 or swap and cash either way 07523950473 Pics on request as not sure how to add them here??
  5. Im 23 Have a huge taste in music and am able to play most songs etc Willing to do acoustic stuff and have a good selection of pro audio equipment. AXE FX etc... Free most of the time as only work part time. Fun loving guy good sense of humour etc have transport and have room to accommodate at my home for recording sessions etc !! 07523950473 Feel free to text
  6. Id be interested bud. Give me a PM or whatever you do. Not been with other musicians for ages just been doing my own thing.
  7. Hi id be interested in your guitar position buddy. I'm well equipped etc... Good sense of humour etc get along with everyone and have a vast music taste!
  8. Selling my engl as i never use it anymore Perfect condition NEVER gigged! Excellent head for metal etc! Willing to accept reasonable offers, otherwise id like around 800! Please call or text 07523950473
  9. Like it says above looking for these items! Cahs waiting! Call or text 07523950473 cheers
  10. Hi, Which interface is it? the 2i4 or 2i2??
  11. Selling my gem as she's never played! 2003 with the ebony board instead of rosewood! HAs the edge pro Trem which is the best one! One tiny ding can only see it with nose against the guitar! perfectly set up with minimal wear etc comes with original prestige case and instruction manual and all allan keys 1350ono or will swap for something of similar value or a cash either way situation looking for a quick sale so 07523950473 cheers
  12. Time to sell the fender! It's an 05 model special edition tele, birds eye neck, Seymour Duncan pickups etc They are very hard to come by nowadays, also I'm pristine condition not a single mark anywhere on this guitar! Will swap for guitar of similar value or higher value plus cash your way! Feel free to try before you buy too! It sounds much better than a standard tele and the neck feels faster too! 07523950473 feel free to text. Gumtree link: www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/very-rare-fender-lite-ash-telecaster-special-edition/1045324179
  13. Yeah, what you after, got fifa 14 u can have it for 15 quid.
  14. Selling my Blackstar HT club 50 as upgrading to mesa boogie. Can deliver etc in almost brand new conditon still under warranty with user manual etc! Not a single mark on it, never been gigged used for home studio recording 450 ovno will swap for a mesa boogie dual rec plus cash your way! Looking for really fast sale 07523950473 feel free to call or text no idea how to upload pics sorry! can emal them to you if you like!
  15. Looking for the items in the title: Shure sm57 microphone A Pair (preferably) of KRK rokits any size! A Mesa Boogie Dual or Triple rec head only. Cash waiting!
  16. Really rare Marshall 8100 head and a 1922 2X12 cabinet
  17. These are almost brand new I used one of the pickups as my old EMG blew from like 19 ages ago! The kit is complete with all cable and four pots. EMG 81 EMG 85 active pickups! Pics on request will swap for decent active monitor speakers! Otherwise 135 or VNO
  18. Swap for a Marshall 8100 head and 1922 cabinet?? Very hard to come by these now and smaller than your tsl? Let me know, either way
  19. I would be interested in this position!! let me know get in touch, got transport and plenty of fresh ideas! Would love to meet up for a jam etc etc Really into your music as it is! let me know guys 07523950473! give me a shout
  20. Hi im 23 from inverurie, with car. Im looking for a band or just a singer/vocalist to make some music with, im very passionate about this and im fed up of being let down by people. My main influences are: Alter bridge, Aaron Lewis, Breaking Benjamin, ACDC, Metallica, Daughtry, Nickleback, Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Steve Vai, Santana, Seether.. This is just a short list of artists, i generally enjoy most music, soft rock all the way to heavy metal, old school stuff etc etc Ive been let down recently by some people i was playing with and really miss the atmosphere of playing music with others, I have a few guitars and a very nice acoustic, would love to do some acoustic songs etc, i can do backing vocals but find it difficult to play whilst singing, however in time it will become more natural. Im an easy going guy and willing to play any Genre of music, im not limited to rock music at all! please Reply or PM if interested, ill leave my number too as i want to get back into things ASAP! 07523950473
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