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  1. 2 Guitarists and a Bassist aged 21-24 looking for a versatile, open minded drummer. All 3 of us have a pretty wide range of musical influences but 3 main influences of this project are probably Pixies, Dinosaur JR and Electronic Music. We are looking to get playing asap so if you are interested drop us a line and tell us a bit about yourself! Craig.
  2. Yeah we are currently trying someone out, if it doesn't go to plan i will repost this. cheers for the interest
  3. Hello There I put an add about 3 weeks ago for bass players and guitarists, the guitar position has been filled (for the minute at least) but we urgently need a bass player. we are going to be a band of the style of the horrors/yuck/smithwesterns/pixies/rem but have a butt load of influences really important that the bass player is a bassist and not some guitarist that will "play bass" in the band but really be lusting after the position of lead guitarist
  4. Band capitulated, starting a new one. REQUIRE a bass player and a guitarist of the lead or rhythm variety (i don't mind playing either) prefer if one of which could sing (a female vocalist would go down a treat but either or) Drummer and myself aged 19 and 20. Band influenced by early 90s US alternative rock such as Pixies, REM, Nirvana Weezer, Green Day and newer stuff such as The Horrors, Yuck etc. Hoping to bring something of our own to the table also. Craig
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