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  1. Fast Caz supporting Destroyer 666 last night. Does that count?
  2. Oath of Kings with support from Annie Lennox. Would be a cracker of a show!
  3. Don't know if this has been posted yet...
  4. Saw BB at HOB Fest III back in September; and Gentleman's Pistols supporting The Answer in Tunnels last year. Proper well good.
  5. Haven't had the chance to play it yet. Got a couple of days off work next week. I watched a couple of gameplay videos online and it looks well decent.
  6. The penalty for selling age restricted items to someone who is underage is up £5000, a criminal record and the store possibly losing their license to sell. "Waaahh! I'm over 18 and got ID'd! This is bullshit!"
  7. Peer pressure. Much the same as how the BBC if forced to apology whenever Jezza expresses his views.
  8. While I agree that Tesco did the right thing here, what I don't understand is how they knew the girl wasn't old enough to buy them? Unless she was wearin a big birthday badge saying "11 today!" And another thing... what kind of proof of age do 12 year olds usually carry around?
  9. There's that one place online but the name escape me.
  10. Sounds swell. Could meet you in town over the weekend?
  11. Let's see... Willing to trade Bodycount Facebreaker Halo 3 Skyrim Wolfenstein Any of those take your fancy for MOH or Prey?
  12. The plan was to move into the new flat and get a high end gaming PC, but that plan went south and at the moment I'm in relatively small space with not much room for a desktop. So the monitor's not necessary at the moment. I'll PM you the plan.
  13. It's only a few months old, still sealed in the box. I'm in Portlethen during working hours or could meet you in town at the weekend.
  14. Hey I'll take "Night Of The Living Dead" and "Dazed and Confused" if you still have them. I work in Portlethen or could meet in town at the weekend.
  15. I've got a copy of Skyrim up for grabs for keepsies if you're still looking.
  16. How cheap are we talking here? I've got one of these bad boys lying around I need to get rid of. HP LA2206xc, 21.5 inches, DVI/VGA/HDMI ports. Still in box.
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