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  1. Hi there, I'm offering for sale the following goodies .. Epiphone Les Paul Custom (Ebony) 2011 model with Ebony Fingerboard and coil splitting, bought from GuitarGuitar in September last year for £439 (I still have the receipt). Also included in the sale is an Epiphone fitted hard case. Both in "as new condition". Guitar comes fitted with gold Schaller Strap Locks. Looking for £319.oo .. I'll also throw in a DSL leather strap RRP £39. Marshall Valvestate 50 Combo, very good condition and in full working order. Comes with footswitch. Looking for £75.00 Digitech Hardwire Tube Overdrive pedal (as new) £50.00 I'm happy to deliver to anywhere in Aberdeen(shire). My mobile number is 07927 334706 Please save me the hassle of popping these on Evil Bay. P.S. Happy to provide photo's and also to allow intetested parties to "try before they buy"
  2. Ok the amp is 23.5" wide by 19.5"high, depth is 10".
  3. Ok ... I'll measure it up tonight and post the exact dimensions later this evening. Cheers.
  4. Hmmm I'm guessing that it's about 2' X 2' or thereabouts .. not overly big. If you want I could get you exact dimensions when I go home at lunchtime. Spoke to a "tech" bod last night and he reckons the likely cause of the Reverb issue is a dry solder ... whatever thet is.
  5. Cheers man ... got in touch but I'm not looking for a "fixer upper". Cheers anyway.
  6. Unfortunately I don't have a footswitch either ... I'm kinda gutted to pass it on as imo it sounds great but I really have no need of an amp of this size anymore and I'm roth to spend cash having it looked at ... and would like to think of someone getting some proper use out of it. My mobile number is 07542917911 drop me a text if your pennies start to burn a hole in your pocket. Cheers Liam.
  7. Price dropped to £50 ... it's going in the loft if I can't sell it.
  8. Looking to rehome a Marshall Valvestate 100 Watt combo. It's a 3 channel solid state/valve hybrid fitted with a 12" Celestion Speaker. Here's the bad news .... the Reverb doesn't work :o( I've checked the Accutronics reverb tank and that seems fine with no loose wires or damage to any of the connections so I'm assuming that the problem is possibly with the wiring at the other end, behind the faceplate. So if your a tinkerer looking for a bargain project or, like me, you have an external Reverb device then this could be a bargain. I'm looking for £70 and I'm happy to deliver locally.
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