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  1. Been listening to this album recently and it's pretty good, thought i'd give it a share. Paul White - Watch The Ants http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OV90nRsEPzw Also check out the Bullion remix of Hustle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioHCEn9U354
  2. Ah indoor cats... Teach it to use the toilet, and it will flush after itself!
  3. Cats are the best! You just give them food and you dont need to do anything else for them and you can watch them be cute! Dogs are more like the annoying friends that demand attention at all times and do everything you say because they are stupid... (but they can drive cars) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-20614593
  4. The girls had filled at least 3 of the toilets with toilet roll. I never understand why people do that?? Even the lack of a bin, they could just flush it...
  5. I really enjoyed the Campus on Friday. Got a few free things It had the same atmosphere as the bassment used to, the music was less "rocky" was the only difference. Briefly went upstairs, its looked quite good. The music was pretty awful ( i was too sober to handle it ) and the bathroom contained the standard screechy ladies that i try to avoid when peeing. Looking forward to their rock night or cathouse night or whatever its going to be!! Happy that Aberdeen is not so miserable
  6. Yeah, just buying a new pair. My sister will never find out.. Cheers
  7. They're WeSC's. I can buy another pair for £40, would fixing it be more?
  8. My headphones recently got caught on the bed and the wires have detached from the bit at the end that goes into music players etc. Does anyone know if it is fixable, where to go and how much it would be? Please and Thanks!!
  9. When i looked at her, i didnt dislike her or feel jealous. She opened her mouth and i disliked her attitude. Anything that is said against her she can surely use as back-up to her, "all women are jealous of me theory". The fact that men buy her bottles of champagne and gifts etc may just mean she looks easy rather than beautiful... On the whole i see the controversy that is being caused. However there are a lot more problems in the world to be getting angry about, other than this one about a nobody.
  10. I do enjoy the Moorings. Although i notice there are regulars who give some people the whole "you are not local" feeling when entering and drinking in the bar. Some pub or club with a wide selection of the alternative would be ideal. Including genres of blues, indie, rock, hip hop etc. Alot of places just have the one genre of alternative music. I hate putting things into a group, but to make the point i'll categorise it lol.
  11. I remember i used to practically live in bassment and moshulu for a few years. What a life i had back then lol. With Korova, being in the middle bar recently, they seem to have lost any kind of atmosphere. It was like walking into an office where they drank for a living. Bassment would be a hard pub to replace, but anything similar would hopefully happen and work out. I was young when i went to Moshulu so i remember it being amazing although im sure it had its quiet days. I moved away when things started to slip and came back to the Warehouse. I think Aberdeen needs somewhere alternative that doesnt have to be so mainstream to work. Or at least i hope that is achievable.
  12. Im going to see OFWGKTA play the ABC in Glasgow this sunday. Have a ticket to get rid of asap as my mate bailed :S Please let me know if you want it.
  13. To be honest i didnt actually realise how popular they were when i started listening to them. Even now i manage to avoid the publicity they seem to be getting.
  14. Is anyone going to Glasgow to see Odd Future?? And more to the point who actually enjoys their shit? I for one adore them!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhycjXvFDy8
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