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  1. Glasgow newcomers Hunt / Gather and Saló are embarking on a tour together, and kicking it off in Aberdeen on the 1st October! Hunt / Gather Dark, noisy post-hardcore featuring members and ex-members of The Ocean Fracture, Notebooks, XMRV. New EP recorded by Tom Mitchell (Prelude to the Hunt, Allergo, Hounds) coming very soon through Struggletown Records. FFO: Poison the Well, Breach, Botch, The Chariot. Saló "The most exciting new band in Glasgow". Mathy, jazzy, intense as hell with a brand new EP on the way courtesy of Overlook Records. Ex-Ocean Fracture and No Kilter. FFO: Refused, The Jesus Lizard, Big Black. Dweller Local boys need no introduction. Buy their new EP and have your mind blown. FFO: Thrice, Norma Jean, Thursday. SilverBySkyline Local newbies playing altrock - think Jimmy Eat World meets Dance Gavin Dance
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