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  1. It's a new term, three weeks in, and I, like many of us, are desperate to get the ball rolling and start to build a portfolio of recording material which will hopefully lead to a pass credit with Advanced Studio Techniques (40 weeks of recording, mixing and mastering), and to aid with the dreaded Graded Unit 2. Myself; I'm a 19 year old student looking for a band or (preferably) bands to record in the Aberdeen College studio, and may pass on information to other struggling students should the demand be there. If you feel comfortable with having students record, mix, and master your songs for free (and not a £25/hour rate:up:), and are able to come in on a weekday between 8:30 and 4:30 for a couple of hours, then direct your excitement either in this thread, or to my email - j-philip@live.co.uk The ages of the class are generally one year younger or a couple years old than me, if worried about any maturity issues.
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