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  1. We (Uniform) played around with samples etc but they didn't quite work with our sound. Our piano player has a synth that plays string sounds but that's 'played' live I guess as he's physically playing the synth. It works really well with some bands and not so well with others. It's all dependant on what you're trying to achieve. As for live DJs (and I'm speaking about these incredibly irritating pricks like DJ Guetta, Tiesto etc) - I do not accept that creating an entire song on a laptop counts as a being a musician. That's someone who is good with software for a computer. Daft Punk etc are exempt from this. Milner - my missus seems to love the boy Yogi but I have yet to see him play. Really poor?
  2. Congratulations on your 500th post Graham and all the very best from me x
  3. I've heard tomato ketchup is good for cleaning but I'd never try it. Earth? In what way would that be good?
  4. I clean mine every week - I feel it removes the stickmarks and any smudges etc. And let's be honest, shiny cymbals look ace under stagelights. I use Groovejuice to clean mine as it doesn't have an corrosive in it that will remove the logo etc.
  5. Adam - while always being a fan of your work, on this occasion, I will have to decline your suggestion.
  6. I do drive and probably en evening date. She likes vampire films and books so I took her to Slains Castle (the actual one, nae the pub) so for our next date, I have to top this.
  7. That old man might be my favourite audience member ever. Or the flasher at a gig at Drummonds a while ago.
  8. Haha! We're going to steal that - 'aye, we're handing oot glowsticks as it shows we're a real band'
  9. Where's a decent place to take a girl out in Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire? Something a little different from the usual dinner or drink? She's not into dogging (unfortunately)
  10. Oh aye, we're all about the glowsticks. Come say fit like after the gig!
  11. Hi All, We are touring in the next couple of weeks and will take in the following dates; Fri 9th August - Tunnels Aberdeen Sat 10th - The Green Rooms, Perth Sun 11th - The Tyne Bar (Beer Garden), Newcastle Mon 12th - PURE, Sunderland Tues 13th - Monty's Bar, Dunfermline Wed 14th - Box, Glasgow Thurs 15th - The Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh Arts College Fri 16th - Belushis, Edinburgh Sat 17th - we all die. If you're about, would love you to come to the Aberdeen date (if you're here of course) - free glowsticks with every ticket bought cos, you know, that's how we roll. Cheers Mark xxx
  12. Nah wanting to sell it as a one-er pal
  13. Good luck with it pal, we're playing Edinburgh that night but sure the next one will go well x
  14. Please do Jake, we can drink poofy drinks together.
  15. I prefer influneces anyway Ryan YA - playing Lemon Tree on the 3rd August, should be a good one. Thanks for all the feedback, anymore more than welcome!
  16. Cheers buddy, we really appreciate it. Aye, got a few gigs coming up; Saturday 20th July - Newmachar Hotel (a wee hometown show) Friday 27th July - with The Mouse That Ate The Cat and Das MacManus at Tunnels Saturday 3rd August - with The Little Kicks and Marionettes You should pop along to one if you can, would be good to see you.
  17. Cheers Phil and Young Adolescent - by the way, haven't quite mastered the sampler we got from you but are working on it
  18. Added a 16" Istanbul Mehmet Traditional Medium Crash to my collection. Current set up; Mapex Fusion 20" bass drum, 16" floor tom, 12" rack tom Premier vintage 1970s snare/Swingstar snare (borrowed from MilnerD) All Istanbul Mehmet Traditional Cymbals - 22" ride, 16" crash, 14" crash and 14" hi-hats Mapex/Premier hardware Tama Iron Cobra single drive bass pedal Chuffed to be honest.
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