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  1. I'm interested, I play bass but can't sing for shit.
  2. Hey man, yes I am. A yap would be good. Scott
  3. Thanks for getting back to me Scott.

    My email alert did not work to let me know that you had replied

    Anyway I hope you get this.

    As I said it's "song based" with a leaning towards "live Crowded House" /"Radiohead" structures but not restricted to this I'm using this as the band's "mindset".

    The songs are original & written by me.

    We rehearse again on friday[2nd.Dec]8-10pm, If interested just get back to me.

    Mike D.

  4. Hi Scott

    Got anything fixed up yet?

    We are looking for a bass player to complete our lineup.

    At the moment we are rehearsing original material ("song based").

    We aim to be at Musical Vision(Aberdeen) next Fri.(25th) for our next practice. If you are at all interested, then just get back to me for more info., etc.



  5. Had to leave my old band back home to come to university. Quite a lot of gigging experience.. Previous band was played on Radio 1 twice and were introduced by Tom Robinson on Radio 6. We supported the likes of Twin Atlantic, General Fiasco and Canterbury. I use a Fender Jazz bass. Scott x
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