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  1. E.C

    A little help for FeSTR

    I can donate the bad time I had at one of your shows
  2. E.C

    Your current read?

    Was on tour so got a lot of reading done: The Autobiography Of - Malcolm X Beyond Belief - Jenna Miscavige Hill The Goldfinch - Donna Tartt Fascism: A Warning - Madeleine Albright The First Bad Man - Miranda July
  3. E.C

    Football Manager 2017

    It delights me that you're crap at FM.
  4. E.C

    Quick Questions

    It is actually DUCK tape because of it's waterproof qualities.
  5. E.C

    TV Series!!

    I find Better Call Saul very similar to Breaking Bad. 40 minutes of ramping up, with one scene of a "clever bit" or a "funny twist" then the last 10 minutes are quite cliffhangy so you immediately want to watch the next one then there's another half hour of whispered conversation in a dark room.
  6. E.C

    The Lucky Rathen Weezer news thread

    the Africa cover is so pointless.
  7. E.C

    Aberdeen-Music stalking.

  8. E.C

    Your current read?

    Just finished this - was good, and beautifully written, but the story all led and built to the end/big reveal which kinda fell flat...dunno...
  9. E.C

    Delete account

    please don't go! this website can't function without you
  10. E.C

    Favourite Ever Aberdeen band.

    yeah cmon you poopy fart bumbum wee
  11. E.C

    Your current read?

    Just finished Island Story by JD Taylor. About a guy from London who cycled round the entire British Isles over 4 months and spoke to people in shops, pubs, tourist spots etc to get a kind of consensus of how people live across Britain. Started out hating it as it was almost written as a stream of consciousness diary "I see a tree, I pedal on. Ahead, the city opens it's arms to me. The heavens open. I get soaked" etc etc, but either I got used to it or the author adjusted his style as he wrote and by the end I was chuffed for him to make it home *spoiler*. Next is 'My Year of Rest and Relaxation' by Ottessa Moshfegh (coolest name ever). It's about narcotic hibernation, should be interesting!
  12. E.C

    Aberdeen-Music stalking.

    would really have liked them to rebuild the sandcastle, as Dave suggested.
  13. E.C

    Favourite Ever Aberdeen band.

    No, come on. I'm genuinely interested.
  14. E.C

    Favourite Ever Aberdeen band.

    Which part of it isn't?