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  1. Arsenal will win the league
  2. who plays in : ( now? obviously MART but who are the band?
  3. E.C

    2017/18 Football Season Thread

    J-LIngs Just-Lost
  4. give me positive rep

  5. give me positive rep

  6. give me positive rep

  7. E.C


    Uhm, yeah, I think they probably do
  8. E.C

    2017/18 Football Season Thread

    They showed the highlights of the '66 final at half time of Japan vs Belgium...
  9. E.C

    2017/18 Football Season Thread

    Genuinely worried if England even do manage to win despite playing the most boring football going that people will trash the country like when teams win the Superbowl/Stanley Cup and destroy their own cities.
  10. E.C

    2017/18 Football Season Thread

    Don't you live in America?!
  11. E.C

    Good things about Aberdeen

    Just going to revive this old ass thread to say this is incorrect.
  12. E.C

    Franz Ferdinand

    Yeah, I think he got shot.
  13. E.C

    Franz Ferdinand

    Good band destined for big things, but I predict they'll also peak and drop off the face of the planet