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  1. E.C

    2018/2019 Football Season Thread

    This is still definitely going to happen.
  2. E.C

    What are you currently listening to?

    I like this guy.
  3. E.C

    The Return of the Fifty Book Challenge

    Onto book 52 - quite a biggun but hopefully get it rounded out before Hogmanay.
  4. E.C

    The Return of the Fifty Book Challenge

    Just finished book 50 of the year last night!
  5. E.C


    I have a confession: I'm hanging out my arse
  6. There is of course *that* piano chord at the start of 'Roxanne' followed by Sting's larf.
  7. E.C

    Your current read?

    I have somehow fallen behind in my book-a-week challenge and need to read 3 in a week to get back on form...
  8. E.C

    Your current read?

    read The Good Immigrant and Blitzed which was about drugs in Nazi Germany which was absolutely mad. Only 9 more to go to reach 52.
  9. E.C

    Quick Questions

    When will this website die?
  10. E.C

    2018/2019 Football Season Thread

    god I hate the international break
  11. E.C


    I started a podcast. You can listen at
  12. E.C

    Hardcore "All-Dayer"

    Actually I'd left JEDI by the time of this gig, you pathetic little worm.
  13. E.C

    Has a song ever made you cry?

    So is it the song that's making you cry or the "very easy to cry even without any reason"?