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  1. Hey folks, we're looking for a vocalist for a newish band that are still developing our sound. If you want to help us shape something a bit different, then we'd love you to get in touch. We are currently a three piece, that between us manage to play a slew of instruments, but we'd like someone to take on vocal duties. If you play an instrument, that'd be a bonus, but we're open to anyone with a competent vocal ability. I have a studio in Blackburn, which makes rehearsing and recording a doddle, and we usually try to have one session a week (though we aren't nazi's about it - we're all busy folk, so we just work around each other as best we can). If you want to hear some of the rough and ready demos we've been messing about with, there are links below - you'll see why we need a decent vocalist! If you're interested, then give us a shout. You'll get as much creative input as the rest of us, and have a say in how we shape our noise. Learn to Fly Come Back Here's Me (still to be drenched in beeps and gurgles).
  2. I built a BYOC tubescreamer clone. It's become my favourite pedal - the tweakability of it knocks seven shades of shit out of all the other pedals on my pedal board. I'd highly recommend the BYOC kits - they often come with a range of modding options. The tubescreamer came with two different ic's that you can swap out for different tone, as well as adjustable screws in the pcb - you can either build an identical tubescreamer clone, or a range of hotter/softer tones by tweaking, and even sub in mofset stuff instead. Good fun, but you need a hell of a lot of patience to get it going if you don't have much soldering experience. Their guides are pretty easy to follow too. I'd highly recommend it.
  3. That's the date taken now. I'll probably put up others in due course. Cheers.
  4. Hey folks, I posted on here a while back, offering freebie recording sessions to help me get to grips with my new home studio. For a number of reasons, only a couple came off, because it was a nightmare with folks cancelling last minute etc, so I thought I'd try a different way. I'm looking for a band to come in through the day on the 24th of march to track a song. First come first served, but with the proviso that you have to have a drummer - as a wannabe recording engineer coming from a background of guitar and bass, I have the most to learn where it comes to getting a decent tub-thumping sound, so that's what I'm focussing on at the minute. So there is no misunderstanding, what I'm offering is a session, whereby we'll set up, record a scratch track, and then re-record everything layer by layer to try and get as good a recording as we can. I'll then mix it on my own time and provide you with a high quality digital copy for you to do with as you please, though if anyone asks, or you use it on a CD or whatever, it'd be nice if you said where it was recorded. I'd also want to put the mix on the Studio Central forum, so I can get feedback from some professionals on how to improve the mix (the bonus being that you'll get the benefits of this advice in the form of a better mix). If you're wondering about the quality of recording, the last freebie session can be heard below. There is still some work to do, particularly with putting some air into the drums, fattening up the guitars a little, bringing the bass up a couple of notches, and widening the stereo image, but it's not a million miles away from where the final mix will be. (Cracking local band called Under the Noose). http://soundcloud.com/rickthedick/snap-you-up If you're interested, bung me an E-mail at myeggsareboiled@mac.com Cheers Rick.
  5. Vocalist required for new Aberdeen based rock/electronica band. Mostly original material with a few messed up covers thrown in. If you can play bass or rhythm guitar then even better! Actively recording demo stuff at the moment, with a view to get gigging as soon as possible. Influences range anywhere from Metallica and the Foo Fighters to Daft Punk and the Chemical Bros. You can hear the kind of thing we are doing here. It also shows why we need a decent singer! Not fussy whether vocalist is male or female, but they have to be committed, and a bit of experience would be a bonus. Would rather they could play an instrument, but that isn't essential. If they can't play bass, then we'll get a bass player too. Any responses send to myeggsareboiledatmac.com
  6. Due to the phenomenal response, I'm afraid I'll have to 'close the phone lines' now! Thanks to everyone who has responded - It looks like June & July are going to be a very busy couple of months. :-) Looking forward to working with some great bands.
  7. Cheers! I appreciate the vote of confidence. :-)
  8. Hi folks. For a limited time, I am offering the use of myself and my project studio for bands/singer songwriters etc to record a track in. There are a number of reasons for this. I've recently set the facility up, and am looking for guinea pigs to hone my skills on. I'd like to see if my end product is something I could charge people for in the future, so thought I'd offer local bands the opportunity to record a track. In return, I'd like to get feedback on what people liked/disliked about the set-up, and liked/disliked about my skills as an engineer. In the future, I'm thinking about offering package deals to record demo cd's etc, so I thought this would be a good way of seeing if I have the necessary skills and equipment. I'm interested in recording a range of music, so whether you have an acoustic guitar and a voice, a thrash metal band, or anything else, I'd be interested in hearing from you. Whether you are new to the recording experience, or have many sessions under your belt, I'm keen to stick a mic in front of you. I can provide a C.D. of the finished track, along with a myriad of file formats. As I say, all I ask in return is for an honest critique of the session, perhaps filling in a short questionnaire, and maybe permission to use your finished track on my website as a way of advertising what I can do here. If you're interested, e-mail me at myeggsareboiled@mac.com
  9. Yes. We have a drummer now, and are just looking for a bassist to complete the line up. Interested? If so, bung me a PM.
  10. Hi folks. We are currently looking for a rhythm section to complete our new project. We are putting together a band to write/record/gig own material. There is already a batch of songs that can be used as a springboard to more creativity. The stuff has a rock/electro bent, and may feature electronic beats alongside live stuff, as well as some funky synths et all. If you are interested, then give me a shout. Regards Rick.
  11. Thanks! I've only recently moved there, and it's the first time I've had space to set up all my music gubbins in one room, so I'm still at the 'kid in a sweetie shop' stage!
  12. Yes there is. Type activity monitor into spotlight...
  13. Buy an external hard drive man!!! With a 7200 rpm external HD (which your DAW is reading and writing to), You should be able to smoke 40-50 tracks easy.
  14. Where do I start? I am a self confirmed gear addict. Electrics: Ibanez S series with a custom built set of electrics: Seymour SH'59 in the neck, a duckbucker in the middle and a custom custom in the bridge, with coil tap for all, runs through the following: Korg Pitchblack tuner, BYOC tubescreamer clone, Jim Dunlop crybaby, Boss Turbo Distortion, Boss Acoustic Simulator, Boss Phase Shifter, Boss Flanger, Boss Chorus Ensemble, Marshall Vibratrem, Zoom volume pedal, Biyang Analog Delay, Biyang Tri Reverb. Into a Marshall 100DFX. Sometimes I switch to a Marshall 9000 series rack preamp, with a Behringer (sorry) Modulizer Pro, (purely for the cab simulation). Acoustic: Takamine (iforgetmodelno), with a Nex body, into a Korg PXR4. Bass: Yammy RBX270, into a digitech RP6, into a Peavey basic 60. Drums: Gretsch Catalina 4 piece, with some ziljian hats, a couple of ziljian thin crash's and a UPIF jazzer thing (with the rivets). Keys: A yammy PSR-350 (Used only as a midi control). Recording gear: Motu 828 MkII into a Macbook Pro running Logic 9 Pro and Reason 4. FX loop has a Zoom Studio 1204 and a Boss RCL-10 Compressor. Twin monitors, Samson Servo 170 amp powering a pair of Bowers & Wilkinson 600 series as monitors. Behringer Eurorack UB2442FX for tracking drums. Mics: SM58 x 2 SM57 x 4 NT1-a x 2 (Matched Pair) Heil PR48 x 1 AKG D112 x 1 Oktava 012 x 2 (Matched Pair) Lots of guitars lying in a jumble... No. I won't post my address. Looking forward to talking with fellow gear junkies.
  15. Hi folks. I'm new to this forum, but it seems right up my street. I'm an Aberdeen based bloke, currently in the throes of setting up my new home studio. (Pics below). Still got to replace the garage door with a wall, and treat the space acoustically, but I'm almost there... (He says until he sees the next piece of tasty gear...) IMG_2516 by singularitymagazine, on Flickr IMG_2532 by singularitymagazine, on Flickr <a href=" title="IMG_2527 by singularitymagazine, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5255/5442783973_d248cb2b3b.jpg" width="500" height="375" alt="IMG_2527" /></a> Still got lots to do, but it all takes time huh? I use a MBP with Logic 9 & Reason 4 to track my stuff. I have no ambition of being a 'superstar'. I just use my studio as a place to experiment and have fun sonically. best rick.
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