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  1. Hey everyone, Another shout from MUSA asking for any kind of music acts to play during dinner service. Set fees provided and the oppertunity for a regular gig. If you're interested, please contact caitlinocarroll87@gmail.com Cheers!
  2. Yeah definitely. It was ace the last time at Musa when Laura was still there.
  3. Hi Colin! Is Super Six still on the go? Caitlin
  4. Get practising then By the way, I'm re-starting our Musa open mic in January, you should definitely come down and check it out. Great way to get comfortable playing with a friendly crowd.
  5. No worries! Give me a shout when you've got enough rep. for 2 hours In the meantime I'll give you a shout for any support going at Musa. Really enjoyed your debut.
  6. Yes they will pay the musician(s) 60.
  7. The BrewDog guys have asked me to book music for them on Sunday afternoons. The set is from 4-6 and the fee is 60. They are looking for acoustic acts, solo or duo, with an indie/rock sound. Email me if you're interested! - caitlinocarroll87@gmail.com Cheers.
  8. Just so everybody knows, my manager sold the baby grand piano *cry*. Very sad, although it does free up stage space. We've got an electric piano now. Our first band evening was quiet but had a great atmosphere and 2 fantastic debut performances! Thank you to Bigsby and Fox. :-) The evening will stay free entry probably for the next few weeks, then, if we manage to pull bigger crowds as the Gig night develops I hope to start charging a small entry fee, which will go solely to the musicians. Thanks again to Foxhunting and The Malpaso Gang.
  9. MUSA


    Hi Ciara, I book acts as far ahead as suits the musicians, so give me a shout at caitlinocarroll87@gmail.com to organise a date :-) C
  10. Looking forward to having you play, Fox
  11. Idol_wild, are you perhaps suggesting that all amateur/locally playing bands are a bit shit? I also think you need to allow for this type of evening to develop. If there are touring bands available then I will book them, too. As I do presently for our Friday and Saturday night music.
  12. I INTEND TO PAY THE MUSICIANS. Jeezo man! I also stated in my first post that, for the moment, I am looking to book amateur bands. And of course I will pay them as best I can.
  13. I can't speak for my bosses, but personally I think this is a great oppertunity to showcase local and upcoming bands in a great space, and create a great new night in Aberdeen. Being fairly new to this part of my job, I have to start somewhere. I'm not looking to book any old person, and I am currently looking into booking local bands that I think will be great to watch/listen to. Once again, I do not expect musicians who want to be paid to play for free. I am doing my best to make it possible to have fees set in place for musicians. My loyalty lies with the musicians, and I will continue to do the best I can for them.
  14. Don't worry, we're plugging away. :-)
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