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  1. Yeh, that's what I said - "musicians should never get paid". I wonder how many of my favourite twenty bands played a gig or two for free at the start of their careers.
  2. They're offering as a base level, payment by way of beer. If this isn't your kind of currency, then move along. They've also said that the bands will most likely be paid in cash. Have we all just skipped these points over? Regardless, you're also assuming that all musicians feel like you - and treat what they do as some sort of business. The only reason I ever played a gig was because I loved doing it, and the more gigs we played, the happier I was. Be it for free, for money, in a pub, in a garden, who cares? It's just about getting a chance to play to people. If it all comes down to brass tax for you, that's pretty sad. This is all academic though - MUSA have offered two types of payment...
  3. Give them a break Adam. First off, the simple point is if you aren't interested, don't put yourseld forward. Secondly, especially for younger bands, the very chance of playing a gig at all is a big deal. I sure as hell played for a lot less than free beer. I'm not sure I get why people are upset with "want a gig? Free beer! Cash if it goes well!" I wonder if anyone knows the definition of amateur and professional.
  4. I am CraigDDG. I used to be Craig Solinus. And I used to be CraigDDG.
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