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  1. A bassist and a drummer are looking for guitarists, vocalists and keyboard players. pm.
  2. Santihu

    Drummer wanted

    Drummer wanted for noisy handcore punk band. PM
  3. Experienced bassist in his twenties seeking for band. Influences are mainly punk, psychedelic rock and indie, but in terms of genre I am fairly flexible. Pm me please. Cheers
  4. Still looking for a band. P.S. Not interested in cover bands.
  5. Experienced bassist in his twenties seeking for non-metal band. Pm me. Cheers
  6. Santihu

    Drummer needed

    We are a band looking for a drummer. We are influenced by a lot of bands from 60's rock and 80's / modern indie. Looking for a dedicated passionate person. Pm please.
  7. Hi there, Mostly interested in experimental/psychedelic type of band. I am active bassist, full of ideas. Pm for more details... Marius
  8. Started to search again... Waiting suggestions. Cheers
  9. hey, Bassist about 4 years gigging experience searching for band. Mainly interested in alternative or psychodelic sound, but also feel keen on indie or hardcore. Would be great to find a band with more poetical or philosophical view into music including life surely. Pm with a suggestion. Cheers
  10. send a pic, if you havent sold yet Golubickis@gmail.com
  11. ow thanks guys! That really good stuff, just damn internet is not working properly. Is there any local psy rock bands?
  12. Hey guys! I am interested into psychedelic rock and maybe some people can suggest psy rock band (new or classic ones doesn't matters). At the moment my loved band is Tame Impala probably, maybe somebody can suggest something similar? Or any avangard music stuff with interesting harmonies? Cheers
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