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  1. I'm 18, based in aberdeen, vocally i go for a born of osiris/suicide silence type of scream but my vocals style can vary. I've been in gigging bands for just over a year now :}
  2. Do you guys practice in the Aberdeen area? :}
  3. would you be able to bring them into town? I'll take your word for it that they work :}
  4. I'll take them off your hands do they come with cables or not?
  5. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Plagues-Of-A-Martyr/199002733470801 these guys are looking for a guitarist :3
  6. Looking for a bassist to complete our lineup We have a full set written and are hoping to start gigging sometime in summer Age doesn't really matter but we are 15-18 so we'd be preferably looking for someone under 20 Influences: Bury Tomorrow, Parkway Drive, Dragonforce, Asking Alexandria etc :} pm if interested :}
  7. Ibanez GSR180-BK bass for sale, it's about a year old, been gigged. Works fine but there's a few scratches on the back of it, needs new strings :} Selling for 80 pm if interested
  8. 8 gig 2nd generation Ipod Touch for sale Only used it for a about two months(because i bought an iphone so there was little point in me still using it) Works fine and it's in pretty good condition Had a look on ebay and they seem to be selling for 90 there but i'd be willing to part with it for 75 pm if interested
  9. You do know that two red rings means that your xbox has overheated? If you switch it off and leave it for a while it should work again fine :S The 5 year warranty only applies to 3 red rings/E74 error :/
  10. Well if you were looking for some vox i'd be up for this, only if it's true kvlt though
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