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  1. Used but in good condition for it's age due to it's weight. brilliant sound, any inspection welcome. Any questions, please ask. £150 ono https://www.gumtree.com/p/cymbals/zildjian-22-inch-medium-ride-cymbal/1326920424
  2. Hey man, you still looking for a drummer for this, and do you have any other members yet?
  3. Hi. What sort of classic rock do you guys play and what sort of gigs do you do?
  4. This is a double chain drive, single bass drum pedal with one quarter felt on 1 side and three quarter rubberised on the other. Heavy duty. Still in good condition. Any questions please ask or PM me.
  5. I would imagine so yes. I could meet you to try it if you like?
  6. Brand new Gibraltar SC-LRAC L-Rod ball joint Adjustable clamp for mounting toms. This item has never been used. Any questions please ask.
  7. This is a double chain drive, single bass drum pedal. Heavy duty. Still in good condition, just needs a clean. Any questions please ask.
  8. Sorry for the delay man. Thats great news. If you PM me your mobile number i will give you a call soon for getting together. Thanks Paul
  9. You still looking for a band? My band do original stuff and are on the lookout for a good bass player to commit. Let me know. Cheers. Paul
  10. Hey mate. You Still looking for a band? My band are looking for a new bass player who can commit 100%. Let me know if you want to get together for a yap. Cheers Paul
  11. I have a Yamaha DTX kit i have for sale as i am now using my acoustic kit with silencer pads. The kit itself is in good condition as i have never done gigs with it, just used it for practicing in my house. the hi hat pedal is a brand new upgrade and the brain itself has been refurbished. Any questions please pm me. Thanks
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