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  1. MJL6395

    Drummer Wanted

    Hard rock band looking for drummer. Influences include Black Spiders, Velvet Revolver, Airbourne, The Darkness, Black Stone Cherry, Foo fighters and Pearl Jam. We are all 18, but age isnt a concern. Get back to me if you're interested or need anymore information. Cheers Mark
  2. Would anyone be interested in jamming a few prog metal tunes? and maybe if it goes well getting a project on the go. Influences include, Protest the Hero, Periphery, Chimp Spanner, TesseracT, Corelia and Twelve foot ninja. Needing another guitarist, bassist, drummer and vocalist. I'm 17 and been playing for 8 years, would prefer around that age, but doesn't bother me too much. Cheers!
  3. I am selling my Boss Me-70 multiple effects pedal, its in a great condition with the minor exception of a small dent only a few millimeters deep on the delay button. I've had this for about 3 years now and it's spent the last year sitting under my bed gathering dust, its never been gigged. I am selling this without the adapter as i have lost my original one, the unit works fine with battery's, and i will include the original manual. Hoping to get around £110 for this, due to the lack of adapter, i am willing to negioate the price on this though, as i am needing a quick sale. Cheers.
  4. We are seeking a drummer and vocalist for a hard rock band. Our influences include Velvet Revolver, AC/DC, Airbourne, Metallica, The Darkness, Pearl Jam,Foo Fighters and Black Stone Cherry. We are all 16 and would prefer members around that age. Vocals can be covered until we find a vocalist. If you are interested contact me at MJL6395@hotmail.com Cheers.
  5. MJL6395

    Drummer Wanted

    We are a band looking for a drummer to complete our line up, Our sound is a mixture of Thrash and Death Metal Our influences include Arch Enemy, Lazarus A.D., Evile, Kreator, Annihilator, Havok, Megadeth and Cannibal Corpse We are all 16 and are looking for a drummer of a similar age. If your interested drop me an email at MJL6395@hotmail.com
  6. We are in need of a singer and drummer to complete line up, we are wanting to combine old school metal with newer metal. We are all 15 and would prefer members around our age. Our influences include Annihilator, Metallica , Megadeth, Holy Grail, Evile, Machine Head, Trivium and The Sword. If you are interested email me at MJL6395@hotmail.com Thanks
  7. Hey we're looking for a singer and bassist to join a hard rock/metal band, We're all 15 but we don't really care about age too much,we basically need a fairly talented singer and bassist. We will be playing stuff like Velvet revolver, Metallica, AC/DC,GNR, and other similar bands. You can message me or speak to any of us on msn. MJL6395@hotmail.com am.z.er@hotmail.co.uk james_d_mcbainio@hotmail.com Thanks
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