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  1. So, LDM decided to call it a day at the start of this year. However, we did go away to Nottingham at the end of 2014 to record our second (final) single at JT Soar. We're all proud of how this turned out and both tracks are now available to DL for free at the link below. https://lenindeathmask.bandcamp.com/album/tried-to-confess-drowned Thanks to anyone that came out to see us play, gave us any feedback on demos (positive or negative) and generally enjoyed the tunes. Tam
  2. Just noticed this has already been posted elsewhere on here. My bad.
  3. Hey, We just released our first single last week. Free DL on Bandcamp. Recorded with Matt at Bakesale in Glasgow. Have a listen and see what you think. https://lenindeathmask.bandcamp.com/releases
  4. New Lenin Death Mask tune just went online. Recorded our debut single at an actual real studio this weekend just passed but this is some newer material that we recorded ourselves on next to no budget. Enjoy and feedback is obviously welcome! https://soundcloud.com/lenin-death-mask/drowned
  5. Hey man. I wouldn't need constant access. Just a place that I could set up a little "studio" which would consist of little more than monitors, laptop and a few other bits and pieces and I could leave set up and get access to once or twice a week in the evening. My band currently has a lockup where we practice over the road from Cellar 35 but there's unfortunately not enough room to leave my set up...set up. If you can suggest anywhere that'd be great!
  6. I'm needing a place that I can safely keep a pretty small workspace/desk and monitors etc so that I can generally make some noise and record music. Any suggestions are very much welcome! Cheers, Thomas
  7. This is the first material from us. Woozy Hip-Hop(ish) beat with some spoken word over the top. Interested to hear how this goes down with people on here. Cheers, Tam & Sauce
  8. Best band in Aberdeen right now has to be Min Diesel. Was a big fan from the start but over the last 9 months their song writing and structures have improved so much. Genuinely interesting band that aren't conforming to any stereotypes or fads. Was also a big fan of Babes in Waders during their brief stint as a band. Can't really think of a band i've seen lately that I would go as far to say I hated. I did see a band in Drummonds about a year ago called Cyrus Rose that compared themselves to Bon Jovi and Nickelback. They were pretty terrible but they had flyers with reviews and statements from what I can only assume was their parents.
  9. Never posted anything in here before but here is some music of mine. Been making stuff for roughly 2 years now and had a few releases locally (Tuff Wax) and further afield in Japan and U.S throughout last year. Hopefully someone enjoys some of the stuff. There's a bit of a mixed bag. http://soundcloud.com/t_a_m
  10. Recordings won't be to everyone's tastes. I personally couldn't care less if there is one, two or five mics on the drums or if the guitars are clipping. It's just a song on the Internet. Maybe come see us play and these things won't be an issue. Also, I am definitely not john bonham but I do want a mansion and I do appreciate that person that said something about neutral milk hotel.
  11. A colleague of mine is leaving for Australia in a few weeks and is needing an acoustic act/duo with a good catalogue of popular covers to play for a couple of hours at his leaving do this Saturday night (18th Jan) at Inn at the Park in Aberdeen. Contact Andy on: 07595730706 or andy_mitch@hotmail.com for more enquiries and more info
  12. Wow, the drummer sounds so sexy and I'm getting the feeling that he is probably the best human being in the band.
  13. A handful of friends have been banned without explanation. The only activities that they have been aware of that could be the cause of this is advertising their respective Drum & Bass/Reggae/Dub DJ nights around 5 times over the course of 3 months.
  14. Is there any issues with adding events consisting of DJs and no live acts? Not technically a "gig" but a musical event none-the-less.
  15. Hi there. Yeah, this is still for sale. Only just noticed this post. Needing rid of it before this Saturday if you're interested?
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