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  1. Hi, I've got just what your looking gimmie a call. 07503411816 Andy
  2. Yamaha 12 String surplus to requirements see http://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/yamaha-12-string-acoustic-guitar/1042154936 which has pictures. I can deliver by arrangement. Cheers for looking
  3. These are fab monitors, I use one hooked into my Peavey XR685 PA with a slave monitor and it's crystal.
  4. Which model of tsl is it. Fancy a Valvestate VS65
  5. Nae bother mannie, i've posted other musicians gadgets in the forum so knock yersel oot. Having a big clear out. Wife is nipping ma heid aboot a stuff i've got. LOL im really just making space for more. Ha Ha
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