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  1. Cheers for the link Daveofficer. I fear that website shall now bankrupt me. And cheers for the heads up jf9tp2wd40 re. the Prince of Wales.
  2. Which pubs in (relatively) central Aberdeen have Innis & Gunn?? And do any shops sell it in bulk? (i.e not single bottles) Cheers
  3. Apparently my shit is currently travelling up a relatively gentle hill at nearly 5mph following the road and not, as i imagine it would, travelling downhill, under the garden and into the septic tank under the near side of the field where the tank is buried... I am slightly suspicious... I'm going to keep watching and see where it goes.
  4. Outskirts of Ellon, up near one of the farms. The speed is bearable, the unreliability is not.
  5. This made my month when i heard about it all of a few hours ago.
  6. The clap/click/sing alongs really where something else. And ad-hoc lyric slip/changes. Phenomenal. Well done Steve (and DFC) for such an awesome night
  7. As Long as the Price is Right - Dr Feelgood Looking for Love - Whitesnake Trouble in the Message Centre - Blur Insomnia (live at Brixton) - Enter Shikari... Blackjack - Airbourne Keys to the Hovercar - Andy McKee Under the Bridge - RHCP Riot in Cell Block No. 9 (live) - Dr Feelgood Nice Dream - Radiohead Beautiful Dangerous (Feat. Fergie) - Slash
  8. Headaches!! Especially when I'm working. And especially at corporate shows where, if seen by the wealthy/organiser, you have to always smile and be polite FUCK OFF MY HEADS ABOUT TO EXPLODE!! Also, naff Motown bands. Urgh. And naff "professional musicians" who don't know how to plug in their own pedal boards. And venues that don't have a cold button on their "air con," they just make the headache worse!!
  9. Finding a website to watch most Freeview channels live that doesn't cost a thing and doesn't send spam emails by the gazillion every hour!! Win!! You have to sign up but its quick, free, and spam-less and has an iPhone site that works brilliantly on a 3G connection TVCatchup - Never Miss A Show Again if anyone is interested.
  10. They've made the same "slight administrative error" 3 months in a row when all payments have been made in good time (at least 2 weeks before the due date), this one took the biscuit as i am currently low on funds, let alone the final 200 the letter claimed i hadn't paid, which i had. Its not the nicest piece of post to wake up to, sets the mood for the day, which is now a bad one, thanks to a slight administrative error. I do feel bad for the lass that answered. Though its almost a certainty i wouldn't get the same person again. Where did the sunshine go? That almost cheered me up, i was going to mow the lawn.
  11. Also, the little rubber feet on laptops, always falling off. Use better glue? Please?
  12. Having a good old swear at HMRC this morning, I've wanted to do that for a while. (related pet hate)
  13. HMRC. And so it goes, I received a letter this morning dated the 2nd June claiming "your payment is overdue," so i made a quick phone call to confirm they had received the payment, they had indeed, on the 26th May, a whole 2 weeks previous o_O, so commence a couple of minutes of at the poor lass who answered the phone, then i asked if i could speak to (the name on the letter) Mr Roland Harding, and she said "i cannot pass your call on while your using that foul language, but thank you for your call, goodbye" :swearing:ALL I WANT TO DO IS SWEAR AT SOMEONE MORE MEANINGFUL!!! Poor girl. I do feel sorry for swearing at her. And now all i want to do is find Mr Roland Harding and hit him with something heavy. Heavy like a jumbo jet. My question to them next time is, do collections work in a different solar system communicating in a very hard to translate series of beeps, winks and flashes as opposed to accounts being on earth, somewhere in the UK speaking English? As thats the only explanation i can come up with for HMRC accounts and collections departments being INCOMPETENT IDIOTS!!! /rant
  14. My neighbour has a Peavey TNT150 for sale. Perfect condition, relatively new (year or two im guessing), never gigged. Located just outside Ellon, collection or delivery probably negotiable. Offers, name and contact number in a PM which i'll pass on
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