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  1. This Week Featuring The Fabulous Oliver Richards info Above!!!
  2. ACOUSTIVAL!!!!! Starts Tomorrow From 10.00pm Featuring THe Fabulous STEVEN WINTON (Kashmir Red, The Fridge Magnets)
  3. The Essential Collection With Johnny Dee On Shmu Fm Proudly Presents A Festival Without The Rain, Mud And Extortionate Ticket Prices!! Showcasing The Talents Of Six Incredible Acoustic Artists Over Six Shows Throughout Autumn. Thurs 23rd Sept STEVEN WINTON Steven Winton on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Thurs 30th Sept OLIVER RICHARDS Oliver Richards on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Thurs 7th Oct MYKE BLACK Myke Black on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Thurs 14th Oct JAMIE RODDEN Jamie Rodden on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Thurs 21st Oct CHRIS GLENN Chris on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Thurs 28th Oct CRAIG JOHN DAVIDSON Craig john Davidson on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads The Essential Collection With Johnny Dee Broadcast Live Every Thurs @ 10.00pm ShmuFM 99.8fm Locally And Online www.shmufm.org.uk
  4. self righteous and preachy tone? cant disagree with that graeme the meek aint gonna inherit jackshit buddy lmao viva la ego
  5. i stand by my original comment guys: harsh you guys seem to want perfection when all i offer is truly exciting potential This guy is brilliant live and having myke black on the bill as well will make it a great night for anyone in attendance. this is my first foray into artist promotion after nearly 21 years involved with music and i've not heard anyone say anything derogatory about jonathan carr since i started representing him. until i came here. he is a genuine, hardworking, talented musician who needs respect and guidance not "nah" criticism i can deal with, but......nah! is neither a critism nor a constructive comment. in this era of "reality" singers true respect must go to the new musicians out there that want to achieve something more credible.
  6. ooh bit harsh christy, although the line in question reaks of immaturity, its a very small mistake by a very young artist who is hugely talented. the wealth and quality of the songs on the myspace page are mindblowing considering they were written and arranged by jonathan himself. he has a brass section for christ sakes. and the way he controls those musicians on stage show a maturity well past a man of his years lets focus on the huge positives surrounding this guy and not just one line from very early on in the first song you listened to go tell me "Daisy Buchanan" isnt Fantastic johnny dee
  7. LESS THAN 3 WEEKS TO GO!!! Any Of You Guys Actually Coming??
  8. glad to see a few of you guys have taken the time to check out the gig info i posted but i'm a bit surprised that no one has gone to the myspace page of Jonathan Carr then posted their reaction. This young musician is exceptional!!! and the response i get from anyone listening is never short of, WOW!! maybe you guys are a little more difficult to please, lol. please, i urge you to listen to this guy's music, you'll thank me, honestly. FREE Jonathan Carr CD For The First 50 Through The Door!!!
  9. Direct From A Sell Out Show In King Tuts, Jonathan Carr Makes His Debut In Aberdeen City Centre On August 22nd @ Drummonds On Belmont Street!!! Described By The Sunday Mail As "A Sensational Musical Talent That Never Dissapoints" Jonathan Carr @ Drummonds Is The One Gig This Year That You Dont Want To Miss!! Jonathan Carr on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Also Featuring Aberdeen's Very Own "Live And Unsigned" Finalist, Myke Black!! Myke Black (Album coming 2010) on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads SUNDAY AUGUST 22nd Doors Open @ 8.00pm Entry 5.00
  10. hi original, i have more than enough faith in the talents and abilities of the acts lined up, both are fantastic, which is why i'm doing this. the main band have previously sold out king tuts but have never gigged in aberdeen, my point is i'm not niave enough to think that just putting up posters will be enough to draw in a crowd. believe me though these guys can play
  11. hi thx for the advice. its good to get anothers perspective onwhat really works. dont think my blood pressure could handle people paying at the door though. knowing my luck no one would turn up!!!
  12. Hi Guys, I'd Really Appreciate Your Suggestions. I'm Putting On A Gig At The Tunnels Shortly And Am Looking For Promotion Suggestions. I Have A Great Band And Support Act Lined Up But Need To Know The Best Ways Of Selling The Tickets. I'd Just Like Your Comments On The Which Areas Work And Which Dont. Advice I've Been Given Include Both: "Posters, Flyers and Selling Your Tickets In One Up Is A Must" And "Posters, Flyers and Selling Your Tickets In One Up Wont Work, You Wont Sell Any Tickets For An Unknown Line Up" Many Thanks Johnny Dee
  13. Hi Guys I'm Looking To Compile A List Of The Greatest Guitar Solos Ever And Would Appreciate Your Help. You Know The Stuff I Want, I'm Sure You ALL Have Your Favourites And Reasons Why. Please Share Them BROADCAST LIVE FROM ABERDEEN Every Thurs 22.00 - Midnight Shmufm 99.8fm on The Dial And Online @ Shmu community media productions The Essential Collection With Johnny Dee Is The Most Diverse, Ecclectic and All Encompasing Music Based Radio Show ANYWHERE!!!! Having No Commercial Radio Station Constraints Allows Me To Blur The Standard Broadcasting Rules And Flit Effortlessley Between All Genres And Timelines... With A Slightly Biased Guitarist/Blues/Rock/Soul/60's Psychadelia/New Wave/Acoustic/Live Performance/Festival/Album Track Slant, In The Last Few Weeks The Playlist Has Showcased Nearly Everyone Who Is Anyone In The Music Industry Incl: The Doors / Pink Floyd / The Stones / Cream / Peter Green / Muddy Waters / Paolo Nutini / The Who / Otis Redding / Creedance Clear Water Revival / Elbow / Jimi Hendrix / Neil Young / Ray La Montagne / Them Crooked Vultures / Led Zeppelin / Government Mule / The Stranglers / The Clash / Acdc / Santana / Nina Simone / BB King / Florence And The Machine / Marvin Gaye / Small Faces / Jeffersoin Airplane / Green Day / Janis Joplin / James Brown / Johnny Cash / Fleet Foxes / Beatles / The Kinks / Iron Butterfly / Frank Zappa. And Anyone Who Has Played Either: Glasto / Reading And Leeds / Isle Of Wight / And I Must Admit That The P In The Dark Line Up Was Fantastic Last Year / Jools Holland's Later And Hootenanny (Except Jools Holland) The List Is Endless!!!! Requests Also Taken. Local Bands Please Get In Touch To Organise Airplay, Gig Promotion And Live Sets Why Listen To So Called Local Stations Play Adverts, X Factor Winners And Boybands From A Studio In Glasgow??? Local Station, Local Loon, Global Playlist Join Me, Join In, Get On Board And Share The Love!
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