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  1. Its a polo shirt for gods sake!
  2. since when have i ever worn a cardigan? your band blows. deal with it
  3. Worst band to ever grace this earth: Oblivion Incarnate. Mate it would help if i understood what you were saying half of the time. Or that when you played live - you could play your instruments. Peace Out
  4. Actually it is - because there arent a lot kicking around. Makes a change from all out brutality. Could have said the same about you guys when you started out - because theres plenty of that going around. Aberdeens music scene is changing.
  5. Shame for all the people who lost their jobs. All good people who didnt really deserve to be told at such short notice. I went to Korova every weekend - but then changed to Warehouse and had a much better night out. Cheaper drinks, more bant and no posers or 14 year old girls kicking around unlike Korova. So the choice now lies between Korova, Exo or the moorings. I think the moorings wins by a long shot.
  6. Roscoe 5


    Tonight - One of my mates Wedding! On a Friday!!!!!!!!!!!! So ill prabs end up in Warehouse or Korova after. Saturday - Work overtime all day then head to my mates party in Stoney. Sunday - Wake up ill and go to band practice. Get some food and bail to my bed.
  7. Get a seymour duncan JB. Warm tone and "meaty" too !
  8. My HT fuse kept blowing in my dsl 100 resulting in no sound coming from the amp. Turns out a dodgy cab at cpt toms resulted in my transistor blowing and knocking out 2 valves at the same time. Took it to Kennys music in Dundee - sent it to Marshall free of charge and fixing it for free because its still under warranty.
  9. I got ruined with Matt Skiba and co last year at their garage gig in Glasgow. How i was in such a mess ill never know because we were drinking rolling rock lol
  10. Still for sale Make me an offer!!!
  11. Why not rap about something that they are familliar with? Most Aberdeen folks ive seen that are in to this shit do nothing but drive arounnd in "pimped out" '95 corsas with stupid exausts on a Friday doing "lappies" of Windmill Brae and Bridge Street night looking to pick up any unlucky underage "birds" who didnt quite look old enough to get in to Liquid. Almost makes me feel embarrassed to say im from the deen.
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