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  1. Sold it last night, sorry Ross. May I suggest trying Gumtree: Aberdeen - Cheap used xbox 360 Computers, Video Games & Consoles for Sale
  2. Looking to sell my 60GB Xbox 360 seeing as I've gotten a new one now. Contents: Xbox Falcon Model (Basically a newish xbox model that doesn't break as much) 60GB Harddrive Wireless N network card (Goes for 30 second hand on ebay) Headset 1 -> 4 USB Hub Wireless Controller 3rd party usb charger + battery pack Comes in original box with instruction manuals etc. Problems: One of the front USB ports is broken, but is easily fixable with a small square of plastic. I'm too lazy to do this though and simply use a 1 -> 4 USB adapter plugged into the other slot. I'll include this with the XBOX. (Tested with Rockband and 4 instruments and works perfectly). The controller has suffered some cosmetic damage on the back (see photo). This doesn't actually effect you though as you don't hold that part of the controller. (well normal people don't anyway!) Thought I'd try and sell it on here before I put it on ebay. If no one wants it, I'll ebay it next week on Friday (14th Jan). Probably for 70 with the network adapter separate for 20 MOD EDIT: CONTACT DETAILS REMOVED BY REQUEST The damage/Battery pack: - Angus
  3. I Google mapped him and found a dead phone number: 589012 it gave me this number when I called it: 566002 Eventually got through to him. Apparently they HAVE moved and won't be open for another week or two. Ah well At least he's getting a better spot, it's about time. The other sushi places are making a fortune stealing his potential customers!
  4. Hey anyone know if Chef Jang has moved from the market to Huntley street yet? I'm meant to be going there for lunch tomorrow and don't want to turn up to find it gone! It was still there three weeks ago, but a friend said he couldn't find it when he was looking the other day.
  5. I can vouch that it's true as I cycled there with him! I can probably dig up some photographic evidence somewhere. Cycling there was great fun, although I reckon it's meant to take three days not two if you aren't being spurred on by errors gigs! I've already got my ticket for the lemon tree though. flyingsinatra is a poor mofo, I'm sure your offer will be appreciated!
  6. I love how this thread has gone. Posts about bombs: 6 Posts about shits: 13
  7. If Ryan doesn't mind I'll sell you this, but I already offered it to him so you will have to wait and see if he takes it I guess. It's a great game, good Co-Op too. :-)
  8. I'm sadly selling off my mega drive collection soonish. You can make me an offer on any of this stuff if you like: Mega Drive16 Bit 4 X Controllers Sonic 2 Streets of rage 2 Speedball 2 6 in 1 (Columns, Shinobi, Super hang on, golden axe, Streets of rage 1 & World cup 89) Toe Jam and Earl Panic on funkaton Phantom 20 40 Chakan Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Eternal Champions Mighty morphin power rangers movie edition Galaxy force 2 Micromachines turbo tournament 96 with construction kit Skeleton Krew Aladin Ecco the dolphin Cannon Fodder Kid camelion Syndicate wars Might max Aggassi Tennis ShadowDancer Shinobi Lion King Sonic and knuckles Sonic 3 Ecco the dolphin 2 Sonic Mega Bomberman Urban Strike Streets of rage 3 Ren and Stimpy: Stimpys invention Biohazard 2 Krude Dudes Shack Fu Please excuse the spelling <_<
  9. I heard about this too.... I'm surprised a bigger deal isn't made of it. Pretty harsh to intentionally let bad people through while telling them they are good just so they can be crushed in front of the judges later for TV entertainment.
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