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  1. anyone else got anything to offer ???
  2. mistersticks - can you PM me cheers
  3. Hi folks, looking for a cheap acoustic kit for intermediate use, I know some of you will no doubt have a kit lying around in the garage / Shed / Cupboards etc that you no longer use and it is going to waste. Would consider seperate kit / and seperate hardware if pushed into it. Let me know what you got but must be cheap / sensible price. Thanks
  4. you,re right, my mistake, glad to see someone is on the ball
  5. My son has a set of Zildjian zxt rock cymbals, these are brand new,still in the box unwanted Xmas gift. The set consists of 14" Hi-hats 16" Ride 18" Crash 20" Crash Pm me if you are interested, cheers
  6. clean my wounds I have sent you a PM cheers
  7. Hi folks looking for a Bass amp anything from 10w to 50w, I am just starting out and looking for something cheap perhaps lying unused in your garage, shed etc. let me know what you have available and cost. thansk
  8. Hi folks, looking for a cheap Bass guitar and possibly practice amp to start learning, sure some of you have old ones lying in cupboards not getting used. thanks for looking.
  9. Hi Peeps, we are in the process of putting together a classic rock covers Band. We have a Vocalist, Guitarist and drummer and are looking for a Bass player and keyboard player to join us. Our ages range from 20 something to 40 somethings but most def young at heart LOL You will be involved from the start which is a good thing for everyone. A GSOH is a must as we all like a laugh and want this to be an enjoyable experience. Influences are Free Bad Company Led Zeppelin Cream Pink Floyd Deep Purple Rainbow Whitesnake AC/DC UFO ETC, ETC ETC sure you get the drift We will be rehearsing in Cap Toms unless some of the new guys have access to anywhere different. Look forward to hearing from you, Cheers
  10. singer wanted Hi there, would you consider forming a band, Iam a drummer and My m8 a guitarist, we would like to form a pub band playing a mixture of the usual rock classics and some up to date stuff also. If you fancy it we can get a bass player and get together for a jam session email me on bablinman@yahoo.co.uk cheers
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