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    Bass player moving to Aberdeen

    Hi there mate, I was just posting up a new thread that i was looking for a bass player and i just seen this post, coinicidence i think not lol Yeah im just at the moment trying to find a bass player and a vocalist, I just want to ask one question can you write bass melodies man? Cheers, Jordan
  2. Yo steven, Sorry didnt reply sooner, its been pretty busy over the christmas season, so ive had bugger all time on this yeah. But yeah cool, sounds good. Yeah well dont threat over the metallica being better than megadeth, I like both:up: Ill be in touch with you as soon as i can find a bass player and vocalist. Cheers, Jordan
  3. Cheers man, thats awesome. Yeah, well hopefully it will be good. But finding band members is bloody annoying
  4. Hi there folks, Looking for bass player and male vocalist (possible rhythm guitarist) to join a metal band in Aberdeen. The band mainly takes influence from bands such Opeth, Pantera, Megadeth, enslaved etc. The vocalist that will be auditioned must be capable of both in actual singing and can shout, growl, scream (so basically im looking for someone whom can sing like phil anselmo (pantera) or/and mikeal akerfedlt (Opeth). The bass player whom will also be auditioned must be capable/keen to learn to write melodies as the songs that I have written will need this. If you could reply to me (The names Jordan) A.S.A.P that would be fantastic
  5. Gig on the 8th of june folks, tomorrow night. There will be 4 tribute acts happening this monday at drummonds. We have McTallica (Metallica tribute), Hellbound (Pantera tribute), Disciple (Slayer Tribute) and Burn the preist (Lamb Of God tribute). Entry is only 3pounds and the gig will start at 8 approxamitly. Hope to you see yous there.