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  1. PM me if you have one for sale, must be willing to post unless located within 40 miles of Hull, East Yorks. Thanks Dan
  2. Ok i have some recording gear for sale that i have used only twice. Everything was bought new except the interface which is in mint condition anyway. The sale includes: EMU 0202 USB interface with versions of Cubase LE and other software Shure SM57 dynamic microphone QuikLok mic stand XLR-XLR mic cable Looking for 100 shipped Thanks Dan
  3. Just bought an AD30 off ebay today so not looking for the head anymore, just the cab. I'm doubtful that i'll be able to get hold of one though. Thanks for the help anyway. Dan
  4. Looking to buy either an Orange Rocker 30 or AD30HTC. Must be willing to post unless located in Yorkshire (i will arrange pick up from your address via a trusted courier). Also, in need of a speakerless cab or very cheap cab of either 2x12 size or 4x12. Again, must be willing to post unless located in Yorkshire. Many Thanks Dan
  5. Ok for sale is my Hughes and Kettner Trilogy head which i have had for no more than 3 months and not been able to use because i haven't bought a cab. Now i've realised i need the money and so i am selling. It comes with original documentation and footswitch. I bought it off a friend of my fathers and he only had it a year and rarely used it because he primarily used his plexi. So the tubes will be in excellent condition. There are no tears on the tolex or significant marks it is in like new condition. I am looking for 700 ono. I am located in Hull, East Yorks but i am willing to post via DHL courier which should take a day to arrive. I have sent amps with them before and they handle carefully.
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