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  1. Clearing some clutter before an Edinburgh move and figured I'd see if anyone wanted this... Generic Novatech PC case (Black) Hiper Type-R 580w modular PSU (red) - All cables included DFI Lanparty RDX200 Crossfire motherboad (Socket 939) Athlon64 3000+ CPU (Venice) Vapochill Micro CPU cooler (Fan replaced with 90mm Vantec Stealth) Generic IDE DVD drive (Black) ATI PCI-e X1300 GPU (256mb I think) Has been a spare machine for most of it's life... Came back from a friends a few months ago refusing to POST. Removed the hard-disk and confirmed it as dead, machine sprung back to life... I don't have a disk to spare at the moment and I have no need to build it back up, a new drive and some DDR and it should be operational again though. If anyone wants it for a tenner, it's theirs.
  2. Not really sure, it's been updated since the dashboard redesign for Kinect if that helps?
  3. Was really hoping to shift the lot or none at all. Will try and get a split price list sorted out.
  4. 210 for the lot if anyone wants it!
  5. Add these to the list: Amped Mirrors Edge Need for Speed ProStreet Blue Dragon
  6. Really not been using the 360 at all lately, was holding on for Gears of War 3 but it's just too much of a wait. Xbox 360 Premium, mid 2006 (no HDMI) 20GB hard-disk 2 wireless control pads Play and charge kit Wired Headset Component & VGA leads Fallout : New Vegas Call of Duty : Modern Warfare Halo 3 Halo : ODST Gears of War Gears of War 2 Dead Rising Dead Rising 2 Guitar Hero 2 (plus wired guitar) Guitar Hero 3 (plus wireless guitar) Guitar Hero : World Tour Colin McRae : Dirt Forza Motorsport 3 Project Gotham Racing 3 Prince of Persia Assassins Creed Rainbow Six Vegas Splinter Cell : Double Agent Kameo Oblivion Test Drive Unlimited Madden '07 Grand Theft Auto IV Saints Row Burnout Paradise Possible that I've forgotten a couple of games as I'm just working from memory... (Will update here when I get back home) Will still have the box for this also, if needed. Hoping someone would take all of this off my hands for 225.
  7. Might just be a bit blind here... Who is the support for this gig?
  8. Toshiba Satellite L30 11D Intel Celeron M 440 (1.83GHz/1MB) 1GB PC5300 DDR2 60GB 5400rpm Hard-drive Radeon Xpress 200M Integrated Graphics 15.4" Widescreen display (1280x800) Wi-fi DVD/RW Windows Vista Home Basic (COA on base of laptop) This laptop is in very good condition, it's not been used much at all. No scratching to the top lid or wear to the keyboard/trackpad. Just put a fresh Vista install on with SP2 this week, not been used any further. Not really sure what else to say about it, it's a decent laptop for basic home useage... Runs Vista fine enough with the 1GB of memory, graphics shares some of that but you can alter how much is used through the BIOS. Will try and get a couple of pictures up if I can get some decent lighting in this flat... Asking 100
  9. Figured I'd check if anyone here had any need for this before I chucked it on ebay. It's not been used much as it's the backup gaming card... It's main use is to sit in the cupboard and do nothing. Fired it up on Saturday to check it's all still working. Still handles modern games, just need to leave the AA off on the newer titles... The card is a Palit model with standard copper flower cooler. DVI, VGA and HDMI output. Supports Physx/CUDA/DX10 Card requires your PSU to have a 6pin PCI-e connector... Asking 35 for this, which I think is pretty good.
  10. Needing to clear some more stuff out of the flat, the second PS2 is just taking up space. Figure I'll see if anyone here wants it before trading it into Game for 2 pence... SCPH30003 R Black standard size PS2 + Power & AV cables Disk tray seems a bit slow to eject but retracts fine and reads games/DVDs no problem. 2 x Black DualShock2 Control pads Games: SSX Tricky Spider-Man Formula One 2003 Starsky & Hutch True Crime - Streets of LA Rayman M Sky Odyssey Enter the Matrix Need for Speed : Underground Need for Speed : ProStreet Gran Turismo 3 : A-spec Gran Turismo Concept 2002 Gran Turismo 4 Grand Theft Auto 3 Grand Theft Auto : Vice City Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas The Getaway : Black Monday (No box/Manual) All games are boxed with manuals unless otherwise stated. 35 for the lot. Any use to anyone?
  11. As title... Looking for a dirt cheap digital camera, figure there might be a few people here with some redundant old kit. Doesn't need to be anything good, or in reasonable cosmetic condition. As long as it works. Would prefer if it had a screen and had charger. Let me know what you've got and the price. Cheers
  12. Trying to clear out some things I have lying around. Would rather avoid the wave of Nigerian traders on ebay for phone, and collection is easier for bike... 8gb iPhone 2G I hadn't used this in a good while, ran it the last week at work to make sure it still worked fine. I never did fancy paying the O2 contract at the time so it's always been jailbroken/unlocked. Ran fine last week on a Vodafone sim, battery life still seems as decent as ever. Phone is running the most recent firmware. Comes with the original box and boxed contents. (Wall charger, headphones, base) Shows signs of use but nothing too bad, could probably get some pics if they are a concern, although camera on current mobile is awful. (T-Mob G1) 100 Fitbikeco Replica Bought this in late 2005/early 2006 from 20Twenty, only ever used it to travel round town. Black in colour, minor cable rub evident. Could do with some new brake pads and a light service. 45 Any questions, let me know.
  13. Wish this snow would bugger off... Hoping to get to this tonight, should be quite good.
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