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  1. Still looking at the moment. I've been discussing things with one guy, but nothing in place at the moment.
  2. Hey folks, I'm currently looking for a band that is gigging - or very close to gigging, in the Aberdeen area. Im open to a rock covers band (playing weddings, bars etc), or a band playing their own material. I'm 25, but happy playing with any ages. I'be been drumming for 10 years and my main "Genre" is rock. By that I mean all kinds - hard, soft, classic, some forms of metal. I won't list all my influences, but some of my main influences are classic bands such as Led Zep, RHCP, Rolling Sones, AC/DC, Pearl Jam... My modern influences include the likes of Alter Bridge, Breaking Benjamin, Burn Halo, Pendulum... I genuinely listen to all types of music, and I'm happy playing most types of music - so don't be put off if I haven't mentioned a particular influence you are looking for. I must stress that I'm looking for a band that is gigging, or close to gigging... Apart from that, I'm easy!
  3. I'm looking to join a band that plays rock. I know that's not very specific, but i'm looking for anything in rock apart from thrash, hardcore or metal. I don't mind doing covers, but would be looking to do original stuff after a short period of time in order to pick up gigs etc... I've been drumming for about 4 and a half years and consider myself to be at a gigging standard, i just haven't found the right band. i'm hoping this way the band will find me haha! I have my own gear and transport, and am available to jam any night of the week and at weekends. My influences are incredibly varied but here are a small portion: Zeppelin, Stones, Jamiroquai, Breaking Benjamin, Rev Theory, Alter Bridge, Black Stone Cherry, Daughtry, Burn Halo, Coheed & Cambria, RHCP, Rainbow and so on... thanks!
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