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  1. jocktheripper

    PRS for sale

    Swap you an Epiphone flying V in Michael Schenker colours?
  2. Is this the same amp you were gonna be selling earlier this year???
  3. Digitech RP1000 multi FX unit. Never used & in as new condition..still has stickers on it. £200.
  4. How much is not too huge a price? I got a nice, as new, Tanglewood electro acoustic I'd sell for £250. This thing is sweet but its been sitting in a gig bag doing nothing for 6 or 7 months......
  5. u interested in buying the 339?
  6. Hi, The Blackstar head and the Ibanez acoustic are gone...if your interested in some sort of deal/trade for the es339 &/or Digitech let me know...whats the details on the strat??
  7. Selling the following if anyones interested: Blackstar Series One 100w head c/w footswitch £450 Digitech RP1000 multi fx £200 Peavey Vypyr 75w modelling amp £150 Ibanez exotic wood electro-acoustic guitar £200 Epiphone es339 semi acoustic electric guitar black £ 300 Everything in excellent condition, just need to free up some room..but am also open to trades as Im looking for a decent american strat.....S/S/S only
  8. I got a Digitech rp1000 multi fx similar to the pod for sale £250 if ur interested?
  9. Rough price for the fender supersonic???
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