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  1. I've now sold the computer! woot :D
  2. I have 5 mouse traps you can have
  3. Thought I'd list this here for a week or so before splitting it down and selling on Ebay. Could be of use to someone here with the soundcard etc. AMD Dual core Black Edition 6400+ 3.21ghz 4GB Geil RAM HIS 3870Hd 512mb graphics card Asus M2R32-MVP Motherboard 300GB Hard drive M-Audio 2496 soundcard Housed in a silver Thermaltake soprano case Comes with a Saitek illuminated keyboard, a mouse and Xerox TFT. (I dont have a measuring tape at the moment but I think its a 17") Only reason for sale is that I need something smaller (ie a lappy!) I think 350 is a fair price?
  4. Luminasty


    I have for sale in good condition: Revolting Cocks - Beers, Steers and Queers 5 Rage - Execution Guaranteed 5 Mortal Sin - Face Of Despair 5 Fudge Tunnel - Creep Diets 5 Dan Reed Network - Slam (Free to whoever buys the first record) I may also have for sale; Black Sabbath - Live Evil (double lp) 10
  5. This looks awesome! If you still have it next week I'll buy it!
  6. Hey man. I have a Boss Gt-8 for sale at 150. Its got some amazing effects and a whamma pedal thingy mabob.
  7. I'm also open to offers like!
  8. Luminasty

    Boss GT-8

    Selling my GT-8 as its a little too big for my needs. Its in good condition and fully working. Only a couple of minor scuffs here and there. Has the power supply but no manual. The manual can be found online though. After 160 for it
  9. I have for sale a Thermaltake Mozart SX. Its in good condition, just a couple of small scratches. Comes with the remote control, riser card, manual etc. Heres a link to the specifications - Thermaltake VC7001SNS Mozart SX VC7001SNS Slim Media Chassis with Remote I live on King street, I can deliver if need be.
  10. I like the look of this! What are the dimensions though?
  11. Amp; H 15cm, D: 26cm, W: 43cm Cd player: H: 9cm D: 26cm W: 43cm I dont know if the 2nd picture is working but it has alot of inputs and it is a surround sound amp. Id ideally like to sell both of them together but if you dont want to buy it then i will sell the cd player to ALBBOLLOX.
  12. Both come with the user manuals and remotes. Really good sounding combination, only selling because i've bought something that takes up less space. 45 for both or 25 each. I live on King street, close to the tesco express. I can also deliver if need be. Imageshack - dscf2529w Imageshack - dscf2531
  13. 2 billion space cash plx
  14. Hello! Im in need of approx. 12 (or even 8) identical clear glass bottles to make a tv unit.. Yeah sounds daft but you'll see when I finish it. Im really after bottles that had corks in them (no screw tops). Must be some raging wino on this forum somewhere cheers
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