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  1. TOMORROW!!! (p.s come early to avoid queues)
  2. Confirmed. FEI COMODO DON BROCO DIVIDING THE SILENCE ELEVEN:ELEVEN September 15th, 8pm Cafe Drummonds, 1 Belmont Street, Aberdeen 6 - tickets from lime-world.com/tickets & see [Lime World Members Go Free + Queue Jump] Lime World Myspace Add Us
  3. Don Broco Don Broco are now playing aswell!!!!! DON BROCO on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Can't edit first post but full gig listing is here: • View topic - [GIG] Fei Comodo - Sept 15th @ Drummonds
  4. eleven:eleven & dividing the silence are set to play support + 1 more TBA!
  5. I think its a boy thing, but that is amazing!
  6. Fei Comodo FEI COMODO on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads + Support TBA Septemeber 15th | Doors 8pm 6 / 4adv / Members Free Cafe Drummonds, 1 Belmont Street, Aberdeen Tickets available @ Lime World Tickets 16+
  7. bloody hell that's quite a collection!
  8. Just had a smashing gig tonight but got some news from the venue owner apparently at our gig at cellar 35 on april 9th a band stole the whole high hat and left their broken one without a clutch, Its been over a week and none of the bands have gotten in touch with us. Unfourtunatly the gig on the 9th was cut short because there were to many people under age in the venue so the only band that got to play were the go-slows from aberdeen - we are not saying it was their fault but we just going by what we have been told, If you have it please give us a buzz. (Its a pearl high hat that was stolen) I think its pretty bad when you have to check bands cases to make sure they haven't stole equipment. Has this ever happened to you?
  9. alrite give me a buzz on myspace or booking@lime-world.com if im not online. cheers
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