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  1. A few of my mates from down south went to the Fife derby a few months ago. They were used to Premiership football and were blown away by a small but packed ground, a 3 all draw, a referee passing out and a replacement being found over the tannoy ect etc etc.

    Two now have Raith tops and one has a Pars shirt. They all rave continually about the competition in Scottish first division fitba. I've got them coming through to Tannadice too. We've got a fair bit to live up to!

    It'll all be a let-down from here on in, you spoilt them too much for their first time. Anything else will be a disappointment.

  2. Good point at EEP for the Jags (again! How long since we've been a season unbeaten there?!).

    Spin doctor-tastic, for a "season unbeaten" read "two games". :D

    Ah well, at least the raging, six-fingered, web-toed hoorbags did us a favour by cuffing the Wee Team but there's no way in hell they're getting thanked for it on principle...

  3. Not a personal dig, but is the reason for going to uni not so that you can get a highly paid job with your hard earned qualification?

    Mine was to put off full-time working more than anything. Never used my degree since getting it 9 years ago.

    Still, they can't take it away from you.

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