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  1. Should point out that we've now got a vocalist onboard and hope to have an "audition" lined up for a bass player in the next few weeks.
  2. Thanks guys - sounds great I'll need to get in touch with Iain (he works shifts) and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. If you'd like to take this "offline" then send me a quick e-mail and I'll keep you posted that way if you'd prefer.
  3. Two lapsed-rockers would like to try to get their mojo back and require the assistance of a competent singer and bass player. We're brothers in our mid-to-late thirties with plenty of previous experience playing drums and guitar. We like our music rocky, but we have no illusions of achieving fame and fortune - we just want to play some good music and have some fun. So, we're looking for two like-minded, and preferably similarly aged people to complete our unfinished line-up. Music we like ranges from classic rock (such as Led Zeppelin and Rainbow) and the lighter end of rock (such as Feeder and Stereophonics) through to harder rock (such as Foo Fighters and Wolfmother) touches on the lighter side of metal (such as Iron Maiden and Scorpions) and includes a sprinkling of more esoteric stuff along the way (such as Biffy Clyro, Fall Out Boy, Reef and Incubus) If you're interested please contact either: Iain Broad (IainB) Alan Broad (HappyCat)
  4. HappyCat

    Your current read?

    Might have to finish it sometime then - it's been on the go for quite a while now ... I used to inhale books (including Dark Background and Feersum Enjiin) but things have slowed down a lot in recent years
  5. HappyCat

    Your current read?

    Great book! Read all my dad's 50's sci-fi when I was younger and that one stood out as a favourite. Must track some of it down again... Currently trying to finish Iain M Banks - The Algebraist. Another great book
  6. Where did you watch the webisodes? Only place I've found them is the SciFi website and it won't let me watch them as they're "not available in my location" Edit: actually, just found them on YouTube - more like MeTube for not looking there before
  7. Thanks guys - it's always good to get some opinions Still not entirely sure what to do, but I might try Stuart Hossack as he was recommended by a friend of my wife's too.
  8. I've been playing guitar for around 20 years now but for the last 10 of those years I've been stuck in a rut that I would like to get myself out of. I'm entirely self taught and apart from a few scales and snippets I've picked up over the years I know next to nothing about music theory. I've also never been particularly disciplined about practicing - I do play every day, but there's no particular structure or purpose to what I do. I play mostly rock, with a sprinkling of blues and a tiny pinch of funk. So, I'm looking for someone who can teach me some theory and help me get out of the rut I'm currently in. I've come across the following names (on this forum and elsewhere), but not sure who's good: George Norval, Keith Mitchell, Colin Black, Stuart Hossack, Scott Cruickshank Anyone got any advice?
  9. Hi Iain - yer brother here. I was gonna point this place out to you but you obviously found it already. I assume nothing's come of it yet though ... shame :-( Any news on my old guitar yet? ;-)
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