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  1. Thanks for the response everyone! Adam, we have a very close contact who lives over in SA and has invited us over. They work in the media industry so are full of contacts to help us on our way. We are really excited to be trying something different that most bands wont have done before haha. Really like your band btw! I had Ricky as a lecturer and he invited us to one of your gigs a while ago at the Lemon Tree. Fantastic gig!
  2. Hey, my band Suburban Saints, have just released our first proper single and video. Here's the video. It goes up to 720p for best quality! We had a song called "shake it up" which was released a while back but we are counting this as our first proper release. Would be fab if you could take a wee look at the video, listen to the tune and let us know what you think. If you do like it please share it and help us get our views up. We are travelling to South Africa in March/April time to play festivals, interviews and hopefully get a record deal using some contacts of ours. So any support we can get from the North East would be fantastic. I will happily return the favour and check out any videos or new songs anyone has to share! Thanks very much for your time Chris - Suburban Saints
  3. Hey I'm a 19 year old "up and coming" music producer in Aberdeen. Looking for a female singer or male rapper to lay down some vocals on my tracks. My stuff is pretty much mainstream electronic music and think some of my productions could be absolute tunes if there were some decent vocals on them! I'm really enthusiastic about getting these released soon! If you or anyone else you know may be keen, let me know! Cheers ChrisSutherlandProduction Here is a wee tune I made this afternoon to let you see the style I am meaning. Thanks guys! http://soundcloud.com/chrissutherlandproduction/xjmitfmzlj1x
  4. http://soundcloud.com/chrissutherlandproduction Started producing electronic tunes. Please take a look Just a few wee things I've done over the last few weeks before I get into some serious tunes! Cheers
  5. http://soundcloud.com/suburbansaints/chaos-on-the-block My band Suburban Saints have released this song "Chaos on the block" Totally free. Hope you like it
  6. http://soundcloud.com/suburbansaints/chaos-on-the-block NEW SINGLE Free Download if anyone likes it
  7. Hey, my band Suburban Saints are really keen to play at the lemon tree and I was pointed in your direction when I asked who to talk to?

    Any help would be great!

    http://www.facebook.com/suburbansaints - facebook page.

    - our latest single.

    Thanks very much for your time.


  8. Csuth01


    http://www.facebook.com/suburbansaints My band would really love to play at the lemon tree as it is about one of the only Aberdeen venues we have not played and are really keen to play! Could anyone help us get a gig there or who to contact about it? Any help appreciated Thanks Chris
  9. We are trying to get a few more likes for our band page! http://www.facebook.com/suburbansaints

  10. Just a had a wee listen man, really great stuff Some ace vocal reverb effects that you have used! Definitely gonna give your page a like!
  11. Thanks for the feedback mate, all great comments and things I will note down for the new tracks I will pass on your praise to our singer haha. He does indeed have a great set of pipes! Thanks alot!
  12. @FOX Hahaha thanks man. I'm sure you will get more fans! Send me a link to your page? I'd be happy check it out! @milnerD...Okay man that's cool! I agree the drums were not tuned properly but we really didn't have the time available back then to get it tuned properly! The new EP sound bigger already and has just started to be mixed so its all good! If there's any sugesstions you have or things you feel we could improve on let me know! I really appreciate your honesty and thankyou for the kind wishes.
  13. Thanks alot! The Ep has been mostly been recorded and tracked now but the mixing will be done over the next month or 2. I can safely say that everything sounds much better from the source this time. The drum kit has been tuned better, the guitar tones sound bigger and some cool production techniques are being used to make the tracks more interesting than just rattling off songs one after the other on the album! We are playing at snafu on the 8th of December if anyone fancies it!
  14. Thanks for being honest, not gonna be one of these new bands that gets pissy and outraged when someone doesn't like their work. Not everyone will like what you do...just how it works
  15. Thanks guys, really appreciate all these comments I agree that the mix I did of this song wasn't great. We were just keen to get it out fast so didn't have a long time to work on it...but our EP tracks are sounding much bigger! The video was just for the sake of having it on youtube tbh, the person who edited it did a great job with the scrappy material we gave him haha, we had to film and record the song in 1 day so we are happy with it for that! If you could like our facebook page and share us that would be fantastic! Thanks again!
  16. Thanks guys! Yeah we self produced the single at Aberdeen College. Really good equipment.
  17. My band released our first single on I-Tunes last month and we would love some feedback. http://www.facebook.com/suburbansaintsCan people let us know what they think? We are releasing our first EP at the start of 2012 and are excited to see how it does. Thanks alot Chris
  18. Please check out my bands first single and let me know what you think :) Cheers!
  19. Hey guys, I have a black Ibanez RG370DX to sell. Ibanez.com | Electric Guitars | RG370DX I have had it for a year and it's in great condition Reason for selling: Into a different style of music now so have no need for it! It was bought for 360 so i'd be looking at somewhere around 240 for it, but make an offer and i'l see what i can do! Cheers, Chris
  20. Hey everyone, I'd like to start giving some guitar lessons ASAP. I'm 18 and have been playing guitar since i was 8. Can play majority of genres...mainly rock,pop,post-hardcore,blues ect..but id probably be better off helping those who are fairly new to guitar or would like some help If this sounds cool or you know someone who's keen to learn let me know Prices can be discussed. Thanks, Chris
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