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  1. Andy Cunningham at Roadwise is excellent - great bant and excellent instructor!
  2. iPhone? No way Blackberrys all the way!
  3. I thought I was the sarcastic one but I was wrong
  4. ...and what is 4000,000 when it's at home?
  5. The final tonight - go Aiden!
  6. Overall I think women are safer drivers but I feel they take longer to learn!
  7. it's definitely the boy's face in the Pooh Bear costume that's funny!!!
  8. I think Roadwise do intensive courses. However I've had a 2 hour driving lesson every week for about 5months and my teacher said I'd be ready to book it next month so it only takes about 6 months! Plus I'm a girl so I guess it would take longer for me. It totally flies by as well.
  9. I'm not quite sure I know you!
  10. em-s-t-a-r


    2 lions were walking around in a shopping mall together and one said to the other "wow it's really quiet in here today.." So bad but so good
  11. Having exams from 6pm-8pm - worst time ever!
  12. Yes but they're not selling it with everything else I just listed for 65 are they?
  13. If your little one is so desperate for a rabbit then she should know how to look after it. It's not you that should be worrying about all of that!
  14. How do you add pictures to posts!?!?! It's pissing me off.
  15. Pink Nintendo DSlite. Excellent condition. Comes with 4 games: Mario Kart The Sims2 Super Mario Bros Big Brain Training. Also comes with 2 pink and 3 black styluses, cloth, black protective case and charger. Total original cost = 250. Offering the whole package for 100. Feel free to ask questions
  16. Sounds SO good. Cartman is clearly the best character...he created awesome-o
  17. Please stop posting the thumb man, he's really creeping me out.
  18. I hate people referring to Edinburgh as The Burgh - oh my fucking god.
  19. BBC NEWS | England | Tyne | Tongue bite girlfriend faces jail This is so disturbing. "Mmmm"
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