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  1. Andy Cunningham at Roadwise is excellent - great bant and excellent instructor!
  2. iPhone? No way Blackberrys all the way!
  3. I thought I was the sarcastic one but I was wrong
  4. ...and what is 4000,000 when it's at home?
  5. The final tonight - go Aiden!
  6. Overall I think women are safer drivers but I feel they take longer to learn!
  7. it's definitely the boy's face in the Pooh Bear costume that's funny!!!
  8. I think Roadwise do intensive courses. However I've had a 2 hour driving lesson every week for about 5months and my teacher said I'd be ready to book it next month so it only takes about 6 months! Plus I'm a girl so I guess it would take longer for me. It totally flies by as well.
  9. I'm not quite sure I know you!
  10. em-s-t-a-r


    2 lions were walking around in a shopping mall together and one said to the other "wow it's really quiet in here today.." So bad but so good
  11. Having exams from 6pm-8pm - worst time ever!
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