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  1. Hey there, yup nobody else seems to have posted here, but I'm moving back into town so was wondering if anybody has any rooms to let? It would be good with people of a similar mindset and an interest in music cheers
  2. hey I can play drums for you, sounds fun
  3. thanks well yeah, this douchebag hateevent has something against me obviously. i gather since he told me to get cancer and die last night outside korova!
  4. The pearl ELX snare comes with it, which matches the kit
  5. Yes I do include the snare. It just seems like a good deal as I see loads of crappy drumkits being sold second hand for more, and there's very little good quality kits you can get your hands on for 200, especially by pearl. The only things I dont include are the cymbal stands theoretically, so it's not a bad deal at all. Also I only got two cymbal stands when I bought it new. I'm just not including the cymbals. Just because they have stopped making it doesn't make it be worth less either, there are many people still looking to buy the export series.
  6. yeah but it's 600 new! even without the kick pedal
  7. yea no way am i selling it with my iron cobras hahaha. just selling it with a normal pearl pedal. i seriously dont know why i dont have any offers, maybe its too cheap so people think its crap! lol maybe i should increase the price so someone will buy it. im practically giving it away lol and theres nothing wrong with it
  8. Cool let me know if you wanna check it out
  9. Sorry doesn't include stands or cymbals, just the drums!
  10. Hi there, I'm selling my 5 piece pearl ELX export series rock kit, in purple/blue cobalt fade with black hardware. Pedal comes with if you don't need it I will deduct the price. Bought this for 600 so this is a pretty good deal! This is cause I want to sell this on as soon as possible. There are no faults with it apart from some scratches on the paint. Let me know if you're interested! By the way this kit does have a front skin I was just playing it this way for a specific sound
  11. I am selling my pearl ELX export series rock kit in cobalt fade, which is no long being made. It originally cost 600 but I am selling the three toms, bass drum and double pedal for 220. It is in good condition apart from some scratches on the paint. Let me know if you are interested and I will send you a picture.
  12. nah we wanna create our own music mostly! bathory are good though
  13. hey, i want to do something which is powerful, melodic and heavy. I am a drummer (who can also sing, and play some keyboard) who is looking for some more possible band members of this new project. the main importance of making great music is composition, they must be enthusiastic to song write and work together. the main influences are: sonata arctica, epica, nightwish, bathory, manowar, rhapsody of fire, summoning, moonsorrow. let me know if you want to start this band with me!
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