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  1. indie band seeks 18-20year old bass player n singer/guitar player must sorta be like kyle from the view or jet singer sound for vocals . we practice in huntly inn a huge new recording studio under my house we have good gear also big plams in the pipeline. influ the view oasis libertines . hope sum people r keen cheers

  2. Alrite man.

    U sound about what we're lookin for.

    We were just wondering what sorta music ur lookin to play, how old u are, etc

    We play brit popy, indie sorta stuff if u hav 2 giv it a label and are just starting out tryna write sum new stuff so nows the perfect time to join.

    If u get back to us with sum more details we can see about getting u down 4 a practice sum time.

  3. The Tinks seeks a bass player for a serious indie/rock band.

    Bass player must be a good all rounder , must have rhythm.

    we are 19-23 be great if it was the same age as this.

    Gigs are in the pipeline.

    Would like bass player to have there own gear and transport if not dont worry.

    were into alot of music here are some to have a think.

    Oasis,The View,Libertines,New Order,The Smiths,Stone Roses,The Clash.

    If intrested please personal message me cheers n tiptop.

  4. arite ,were looking for a bass player either from 18 - 21 of age some 1 who is into alot of brit pop like oasis ,the view , libertines, but its our original material . some1 with transport be tiptop like em and some1 commitied we have offers to play gigs with the law and brogues from dundee . must be also gd .get back to me cheers

  5. Anyone intrested in playing bass for a indie band.

    Influcenes ,the view, oasis .

    Must have there own gear also be able to drive up to huntly everyweek .

    Gigs are waiting for us also we have a recording studio in the house .

    Age 18-20

  6. Arite hows it going ?

    Were looking for a bass player with there own transport to get up to huntly most weekends and have there own gear .

    Age between 18-20 we want some1 commited and really wants to make a go of music as we have gigs in aberdeen dundee glasgow forres , so on .

    We will be recording this year so some1 with a bit of money aswell about 1000 to record so 250 each this how it works but if not we will get by .

    Its indie music we play , infulances ,the view ,the coral , libertines, goes on u get it though i cheers . Email me .

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