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  1. I don't know if this has already been said but...I hate it when in the comments sections people put "First" or "Second" or whatever as if it's a race to write a comment! I don't get why people do that at all.
  2. I want to move out of my current flat and was wondering if anyone has a room available preferably in the centre for around 300 a month? Thanks, Stephanie.
  3. I served Jim Davidson when I worked in Austin Reed. He came in because he hadn't packed any underwear for his stand up tour and I took him over to the stand of Y fronts and boxers. He looked at the Y fronts and said "no, no I don't want no nut crunchers". I also served Tom Conty there too but I didn't know who he was until my boss told me. Blaze Bailey snogged (gah) me twice a few years ago when he played in Moshulu. I met Iced Earth last year. Dave Mustaine, Tim Minchin, Ruby Wax.
  4. The floor outside the toilets is fucking annoying. I slipped and fell down the slopey bit spilling my drink too There needs to be a sticky carpet just like at Moshulu!
  5. Hello. I was in the Moorings and Korova last night and I have lost my handbag Does anyone remember seeing it or have it? It's a black leather Jasper Conran bag with gold bits on. It has some money, my phone, provisional license, hairspray etc etc in it. You can't use my phone as it has a pin on it. Not too fussed about the other shit, just really need my phone. Thanks Steph
  6. He's already been charged with breach of the peace. It's done! Freedom of speech anyone?
  7. Selling tee shirts i'm afraid. Well, I do shag the bassist on a regular basis but that's only because he is my boyfriend!
  8. I hate people who tuck their trousers into their socks. (Chavs) If you are on a night out with a group of people and some random person who has decided to go out on their own wants to join your group and tell you stories of their whole life. Ahhhhh Bottle throwing at festivals - scary. People who can't have a debate without shouting, swearing and pointing. People having no manners and making no effort with what they put on. Aberdeen buses.
  9. Ha! Pretty big I suppose. It had a river going through the garden and dad built a waterwheel which was pretty cool. I suppose I had a much better upbringing than these kids in question. Thank Fuck!
  10. I think he is pretty hot. I don't see what all the fuss is about! Gads. I feel sick thinking about it. Though I bet it wasn't a great shag, he prob only put his dick in, squirted and wey hey we have a baby. I wasn't even thinking about boyfriends until 15. I always wanted my boyfriend to sleep in my room but my parents would never allow it. My brother on the other hand was allowed to have girls over and for the first few times they wold sleep in my room and then after a while they were allowed into his room. My parents put my boyfriend 3 floors down next to their bedroom so there was definitely no way of creeping into my room I was too innocent for any kind of malarky anyway
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