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  1. i would be up for filling Gems part. Give me an Oasis song and i'll learn it.
  2. i'm trying to start a band up atm, u interested
  3. bullshit that guitar dosent even say Les Paul on it. plus it is made by a shitty little cheap brand, like Lester gives a fuck.
  4. hey there i am selling a boss mega distortion pedal for 30 any takers
  5. Hey ther i am currently in the market for a korg kaoss pad 2 or a korg kaossilator. if you have any of the afore-mentioned equiptment then please reply
  6. Hey there i have recently thought of putting toghether a Muse tribute band. The band would consist of a lead guitarist (Me), Bassist, Drummer, Singer and Keyboard player. We would play songs from the early days right upto their more recent material.
  7. I could cover either Gem or Andy's place i am a very versatile guitarist and am very good when it comes to bands like oasis, led and the beatles. Give me an oasis song and i will learn it within a day
  8. I am a lead/rhythm guitarist of similar age and musical influence. I would like to work with you. PM me for more info
  9. I would be willing to play rythm/lead guitar. I'm 15
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