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  1. BAND PA SYSTEM Probably no market on here, but I thought Id try it locally before breaking it up on e-bay (big delivery charges). Basically its everything a band will need to play up to very large venues. Its a fairly typical stereo system (schematic available on request) based around two Yamaha P7000s power amps (2 x 1000w/channel = 4000w + active monitors + additional 1600w active sub), mixer, crossover, snake etc. Its all JBL speakers (tops and subs) with an extra massive LEM active sub bought from a London nightclub. Its all in as new condition (except the LEM), its all flightcased and comes with all manuals and cables. Would sell the LEM subwoofer separately. No cheapo bits, all good quality gear, I recon it cost me 3600 (not including cables or flightcases) so Im looking for 2000 ono the lot. There is also a good 05 plate Renault van for 2500 in your quick
  2. bass/singer If your still looking I've sent a pm aebo
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