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  1. Lolling. Why would I sell them face value when I can easily make a profit :/ Call me a pleb all you want.
  2. Quick buck? What do you want me to do, keep the tickets and not sell them :/ I'm just trying to get rid of the tickets, I don't want 8 seats...
  3. Rathen, no and no... I have front row seats, basically I made a major fuck up whilst purchasing the tickets. The ones I'm selling are what I thought were front row seats but then I realised it was the back of the stall and not the front! Panicing, I managed to get back on the HMT site and buy front row tickets that were still available! So that's how I ended up with these tickets.. If you're not interested then would you kindly fuck off
  4. Not at all Fraser, I'll keep that in mind. @ Lucky Rathen - Yeah they did cost 20 quid, but they're sold out now... And I've seen higher prices than the one I'm putting out there!
  5. Hey, selling 4 Jimmy Carr tickets for the 21st of June '09 - Starts at 19:30 Sold out gig, these are decent seats in the Front Stalls, from R18-R21 Would like to get all 4 tickets sold in one go, 35 each. PM me if interested.
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