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  1. Is there? I've been looking about, I found a band called The Cavalcade in Preston and some acoustic guy in New Zealand, but nothing else..
  2. good thing it was on box office, since every other ticket site has imploded. that half 9 start was a trickster though, purchasing tickets mid-lecture is an odd experience.
  3. I don't think there's going to be much worry of them selling out, since the Lemon Tree date isn't showing up on any of the usual ticket sites..guessing it's exclusive to the Box Office site?
  4. got mine this afternoon, was surprised that the presales hadn't sold out by about lunchtime.. looking at what nine inch nails and jane's addiction did last year [big gigs + festivals together] i get the feeling there's a good chance that it'll be one of the other bands playing reading/leeds...i'm hoping for weezer, since they've toured together a bit before..could just be wishful thinking though.
  5. twilight sad AND take a worm for a walk week!? oh lord, this is going to be a good one.
  6. i was too busy getting pished on vodka and cherryade like a classy soul to attend. when do winners get announced?
  7. right, i've stayed an outsider on this beforehand, bit of dissing of my band doesn't really affect me, any sane person knows that not everyone on the planet likes the same thing, its just something you deal with. but i have realised tonight that this whole thread is not just about bands, but has become a personal matter, for reasons i cannot understand. i'd just like to say how childish this whole thing is, its beyond a joke. certain people's behaiviour in a certain club tonight proved to me that people can no longer appreciate criticism. i took the time to listen to the songs linked, and i feel that they are cliched, show no forward movement, and are just generally dull. but that's just my opinion. the punk scene has moved forward a lot in the past ten years, even the pop punk scene. my opinions are not a dig at anyone, simply my opinion. and i'm man enough to deal with anyone disliking my band, i don't expect everyone to like it. sorry about the essay post, i just don't get how people can be so uptight about opinions, i mean, everyone's got one, surely your own view upon yourself is what matters, not what anyone else thinks? ps certain people need to grow up.
  8. amazing gig, vessels were on top form, as were asiwyfa, both of them were tight as bits and just magic. just a pity that the oceansize setlist wasn't that great, only one song from frames, really? also they really didn't seem into it at all..
  9. umm..we're really nothing to do with the hardcore scene, that comparison is pretty funny. and also, we didn't suck dick, we played music, there's quite a difference. huw, cheers! yeah i know we're kinda uninspired with the delivery and such, we're just dipping our toes into the whole idea of using vocals, hopefully they'll improve in time! ps i forgot how funny this forum can be :]
  10. thanks man :] i think craig did an alright job last night, tunnel 2 is normally pretty difficult to get a good sound out of, did the best with what he had really enjoyed the night, still a bit shocked that my old man actually enjoyed y change costume...i mean he normally listens to the shadows.
  11. this thursday :] also liam i'm sure ben [and any of the rest of us if you need us ] will be cool for that
  12. gamecube's gone already sorry..still have a few games, i'll make a list tomorrow when i get a good look.. as soon as i can find my camera charger i'll get one up :] done and done :]
  13. a collection of ps3 games have appeared! lego star wars complete saga - 15 ratchet and clank - 15 skate - 15 the darkness - 15 conan - 10 genji - 10 folklore - 10
  14. cheers for the kind words about the poster...looks like my 2 years doing vis comm at college paid off this is gunna be a fun night! also, its my birthday, so come along and help me celebrate!
  15. money's tight, need to sell some stuff. Ibanez Bass - Red. Good condition, lovely sound. Bought it for 200 - i think about 70 would be reasonable? Westfield Les Paul - White. Good condition, rarely played. 50 seems fair enough. Bass Practise Amp. Not gig quality, but good for practising at home. 20 Gamecube - Black. w/ 2 controllers, all cables, mem cards. 20 many games too, just ask. Original Xbox. 2 controllers, all cables, possibly dvd remote if i can find it... 25 again, many games, just ask. Streetfighter IV - xbox 360. 20 i think that'll do for now, i'll probably add more stuff later. just gimme a shout if anyone's interested in anything :]
  16. oh tell me about it... i feel ashamed to admit to such heinous activities
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