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  1. jgomez

    Can't Find Search?

    Aha, it was invisible on my monitor, upped the brightness and there it was, bold as brass. Cheers min
  2. jgomez

    Can't Find Search?

    I can't find any kind of search method on the forum... am I being blind, or what's going on?
  3. jgomez

    1x Iron Maiden ticket @ AECC for sale

    Ticket is now sold.
  4. jgomez

    1x Iron Maiden ticket @ AECC for sale

    Bump, still for sale!
  5. Hi guys, 1 iron maiden ticket @ AECC for sale @ face value. PM me if you want it! Cheers
  6. jgomez

    FOR SALE: Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster

    Beautiful guitar. I'd grab it if I didn't have a baby on the way (and if I didn't already have too many bloody guitars...)!
  7. jgomez

    Stuff for sale, guitars, fx, amps

    Surprised the Tokai isn't gone yet mate! Not surprised that the PRS and Joe Satriani have though, they were lovely!
  8. jgomez

    Free today only: Guitar Pro for iPhone/iPad

    Awesome mate, thanks for that! Repped.
  9. jgomez

    Wanted: Squier Telecaster Custom II

    I guess this gives a vague indication of what it'd look like with a white plate... add some pearl and it'd be lovely!
  10. Hehe, I'd love to, wife'd probably kill me though!
  11. jgomez

    Wanted: Squier Telecaster Custom II

    I know mate, It's a beauty. I'd still stick a white pearl scratchplate on it though! Have a fetish for them seemingly...
  12. jgomez

    Wanted: Squier Telecaster Custom II

    Bump. Still looking.
  13. Both are lovely guitars having seen them first hand, if I hadn't just bought your Thinline I'd have been very interested... Wouldn't take a purple SG for 'em both by any chance? haha Good luck with the sale mate, don't think you'll need it though!
  14. jgomez

    suggestions for recording electric guitar

    Cheers mate I was pretty impressed with it as I had literally only played around with the preamp settings for 30 minutes or so, previously I had just used the ME70 as FX through my amp. I did find though that adding OD/DS to any of the amps other than the Clean setting made the sound pretty digital. The nice thing is though you can create presets using purely the cosm effects, so you can say set the amp model to Lead Stack (I think this is the Marshall emulator, correct me if I'm wrong), then you can save a high gain preset and a low gain preset, seems to work pretty well.
  15. Hi guys, I've fancied a Squier Custom 2 Tele (the one with P90's) for a while now, so if anyone out there wants to shift one, pop me over an offer. Preferably Black, although open to the blonde one for the right price too I suppose! Cheers guys