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  1. lol nah jujitsus better dude and the next comment....gd job i do JU jitsu and not JIU jitsu then eh, two different things mateee
  2. lol yes it is bob, and damer u interested at all? or jst commenting ? lol
  3. cheerz ill have a look into tht club, aint the best training days for me but thanx for the help!
  4. lol trust me ive been googling my ass off!! like id sed ive been to the aberdeen uni one but the student union staff wont let me in agen coz im at rgu, the rgu jujitsu hasnt run for around 2 years, nd ive emailed the guy from tht judo but still waiting to hear bk!!! it is judo or jujitsu im lookin for, altho mma is gd its not wot i train in so aint as much help!!! was hoping theres sum1 here tht trains or knows sum1 tht trains in like a club at ther local leisure or community center, sumthin tht i u cant find online, coz the ones online r no gd!!
  5. yeh i saw tht one to, but bein a student i dont hav a couple of hundred quid to spare for it =| s there nowhere else?! non commercialized?! even judo would do! lol i just need to get bk training!
  6. Hey my band F.E.T are lookin for a new vocalist. Must be able to sing and scream, own transport would be gd but isnt a must! If u wnna hear sum of our old tracks check out Forever Ends Tomorrow - NEED A NEW VOCALIST!! on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads our new stuf is a bit different from the older stuff, its heavier, more beatdowns and more melodic guitars etc etc we take influences from bands such as story of the year, senses fail, a day to remember, carnifex, as blood runs black, the devil wears prada, it dies today, still remains etc, u get the jist. so if u or anyone u knw wld be interested please lemme know!!! u can also email me at punker_69_dude@hotmail.com bobxFETx
  7. yeh cheerz id seen them!! only problem is i work all the days its on =|
  8. Hey everyone ive been lookin for a jujitsu club in aberdeen for ages and i cant find one anywhere. i tried out the club at aberdeen university but being an RGU student i cld only get in2 there sports union once(WTF) so pleeeease if anyone knows of a jujitsu club or similar ANYWHERE in aberdeen please help me out!!! peace x
  9. still looking people!!! even if u knw someone tht might be interested give us a shout!!!
  10. hey were lookin for a singer/screamer! were based between fife/dundee and aberdeen. we take influence from story of the year, senses fail, parkway drive, the devil wears prada, as blood runs black, as i lay dying, august burns red, fightstar etc!!! check us out at MySpace.com - Forever Ends Tomorrow - NEED A NEW VOCALIST!! - Dunfermline/Aberdeen, UK - Screamo / Punk - www.myspace.com/foreverxendsxtomorrow the tracks up are older but the new material is better and heavier!!! reply on here or email punker_69_dude@hotmail.com xFETx
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