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  1. I'm looking to buy a Marshall Valvestate or AVT amp .. ideally somewhere between 10 and 50 watts. Cash paid on collection. I can be contacted by text on 07739 458505 Cheers.
  2. Is there anything more dangerous than idly browsing online guitar stores after you've had a wee windfall ? I bought an Ibanez (Premium) RG870QMZ from Andertons last September ... and I just haven't clicked with it. The guitar is finished in Red Desert and is in an "as new" condition, in point of fact it still has the original D'Addario 9's on it, comes with a fitted Ibanez case, Premium Multi Tool and warranty. A quick scour of the web will throw up the spec, reviews and probably some videos on You Tube ... the ones featuring Marco Sfogli are particularly impressive :o) Anyway, I'm looking for £500 or may consider a trade for an Epiphone Les Paul Custom or similar.
  3. Reverb Pedal SOLD. Tube King still available.
  4. Stripping down my pedal board ... Marshall "Reflector" reverb pedal (As new .. 5 months old, boxed with instructions) £40 Ibanez Tube King distortion pedal (As new .. about 1 year old, boxed with instructions and 12V power supply) £70 May consider trade / part ex for an overdrive pedal. cheers ...
  5. No longer for sale ... Mods please delete
  6. Offering for sale an Epiphone Les Paul Custom (Ebony). I bought it from Guitar Guitar last September, paid £450 for it, it's the new model with splittable humbuckers. I still have the receipt which verifies that this is not some ropey replica lol. Included in the sale is a brand new Epiphone fitted hard case, black with gray interior. Yours for £350. No trades, hagglers or tyre kickers please :o) If your interested PM me or text me on 07927 334706 Cheers ...
  7. No thanks mate ... just looking for a small hybrid for practice and general lugging around. Cheers anyway.
  8. Hi there, I'm looking for either an AVT or Valvestate amp. Must be in good condition. My mobile is currently out of action so either PM me or better still email me at moholloran@yahoo.co.uk for a quick reply. Cheers.
  9. I know it's bad practice but I watched some video footage of the Tiny and Dark Terrors on You Tube last night .... Wow ! Now that's what I call sound. And they have a valve driven effects loop. Time for a rethink. Anyway off to the shops tomorrow so hopefully have a new amp setup soon. Cheers for the input.
  10. Hmmm my head does say "Tiny Terror" or even "Dark Terror" but I just can't get past the look. Here's a quesiton ... if the only effects I use are stompboxes (overdrive and sometimes a mild chorus or delay) do I really need an effects loop ? Thanks for the replies. Better get back to work now .....
  11. I always work off the assumption that 10 watts of valve power would be ok for small gigs/rehearsals.. providing you have a drummer who doesn't beat his kit to death
  12. Thanks for the info ... with regard to what I'm looking for : 1 Channel would be ok 2 would be great providing the EQ was balanced and didn't need to be tweaked every time I switched channels. I don't need a lot of gain ... don't/can't play metal. And to be honest too many buttons and knobs just confuse me resulting in me wasting time fiddling with the knobs rather than playing guitar. May budget would be approx £500. Just chatted with the good folks at R&B and they are getting in some new Blackstars in a week or so. That would be handy.
  13. I'm looking to purchase a low wattage head/cabs ... I'm thinking of either the Blackstar HT5 or the Marshall Haze 15. Do any of you good folks have any experience with either of these amps, even your perosnal opinions would be apreciated. Hoping to get down to Edinburgh next weekend to try some out. Oh .. and I don't want to buy an Orange Tiny terror lol. Cheers ...
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