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  1. This forum was much better when it wasnt so safe and nazi like in it's moderation.
  2. To be totally honest id listen to more of the first bunch of ride ep's, and their first two albums to really get some inspiration. I can see what you're trying to do with some of your stuff but it is wide of the mark. Means To An End is very My Bloody Valentine and not even loveless era but the album before BUT i never got the hype over them anyway. There were much better bands that did that stuff and actually had songs i.e. Ride, Chapterhouse and Slowdive who i see are in your list of influences. Keep at it. You definitely have something that will only get better. Remember. This is all my opinion and others seem to love the stuff already so all good.
  3. i find this kind of protestation hilarious.
  4. oh really? thought it might have been an opportunity for people to post that link that explains where it came from to these pesky kids...you know fourfa.com!?!?!
  5. not sure where i hear the emo sound AND not even sure what constitutes as an emo sound anyway tbh?
  6. That was crap! 4 out of that list are actually awesome bands.
  7. dude, you seriously must be a little out of touch...protest the hero have been around for years now.
  8. the last blessed show was awesome. well enjoyed. trouble is, where are that amount of people at most shows these bands play hmmm? a friend of mine in a glasgow band that recently split after 6 or 7 years together said that the last show was RAMMED and it was like....most of these people we havent seen in years. kind of bittersweet dont you think? regarding the whole touring discussion, i feel that there are certain people on here that should really listen to tooms and dan who have toured the uk many times for weeks at a time rather than those commenting that have done the odd weekend scottish tour here and there. harsh but true.
  9. my fave album of this year from this band who are from oz and arent big anywhere else. MySpace.com - The Getaway Plan - Melbourne, AU - Rock - www.myspace.com/thegetawayplan
  10. look at the quality (or lack of on that lsit) compared to previous years.
  11. unearth, anberlin, norma jean, sky eats airplane, no use for a name
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