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  1. Lodi

    Cant post

    ?( Yep that was me unregistered.... Am havin a nightmare lodi_1964@yahoo.co.uk
  2. Lodi

    Cant post

    I cant find the email o_OI think its a conspiracy... ?( Very Very confused...
  3. Lodi

    Cant post

  4. Lodi

    Cant post

    lodi_1964@hotmail.co.uk is my new addy and it isnt new... following the instructions still cant get aboard dude........
  5. Er, whats happened to my account site wont let me post or access my own previous posts ..... Has my account been disabled or something ?
  6. Had the same plan last month m8, but finished up buying a new Packard Bell for slightly less than double what u want to spend. Get quite a lotta shit for 300 nowadays and I know its not fucked before I start.. G'luck anyhow..
  7. Looks like an awfull lot of civil engineering to squeeze out of 100m these days I thought(and I stand ready to be corrected here) that there is a Victorian brick built sewer and possibly the whole Denburn under the Gardens running parallel to the railway line. I remember about 4 meters of it collapsed under platform 6 north at the station some years back. Mr Wood's idea here is very ambitious even he says that he doesnt know if it is actually do-able yet so why bother. His 50m would pay for about 6 HMT sized extensions(the new glass and chinese granite bit) and that project was completed 4 years ago. I wouldnt know if its a good or bad idea though cause not even Mr Wood knows what the actual thing is gonna look like yet . Oh and its a damn shame that Peacock gets put in this position. More so if the whole thing turns out to be a millionaires Brunell fantasy.
  8. how do you rise to be a police chief and have a criminal family behind you ? how didnt he already know?
  9. My ex emailed me last night to ask if I wanted a ticket for Paul Weller on 13th posted to me for a xmass present, and I said no ta hon, I like Paul Weller. hmmmn ?
  10. Would be inclined to check it out whoever plays renton, as long as it isnt decaprio trying to do the accent [oh my good christ no its just wrong] well, less inclined anyway.... confusing myself now.....Havent read the book BTW, will do though..
  11. Yes bet he did..... .Pesky snipers......Is he the black one or the white one then? Fuckin politicos hard 't tell them apart sometimes.
  12. Spot on....And thats why they are doing it It's got fuck all to do with folks carrying anything, its about fucking with the way some people choose to live. Drugs can be detected more efficiently by trained dogs turning up at random, which is why they are deployed in situations that actually matter like an airport whenever there is a suspicion some maniac has determined to explode something. This has added benefit of being able to find the stash where ever it is in the club/pub, toilet cisterns,er,dealers house behind tiles or down the side of the seat cushion ect. Might even find a terrorist with a 9bar of semtex and a gun.... BONUS ! Nope but we got two kids royally fucked over for a couple of disco biscuits, criminalised and we are told it was a success.
  13. QUALITY.... " Laughed my ass off and went about my day". Hicks.
  14. *** Now having said all this I must also add that I am VERY against people carrying drugs out on the town. Due solely to the fact that drugs are illegal, their presence attracts criminal low-life, and those people ruin perfectly good pubs and clubs. This is why I exhibit a ZERO tolerance policy when I encounter drug taking in the vicinity of the bar. In LVX.
  15. Hi D. thanx for that, I have an address for Bobby in Glenrothes but the place looked empty last time I Rocked up there, think my grapevine is broke( what y'had before an internet). Usually involved going to a town somewhere and asking about. Slow and unreliable. Pitched my tent in Pitlochry back in July, behind the Rugby pitch, good spot for a freebie if anyone needs to know BTW. Campsite? Motorcycles not allowed in it ,or didnt used to be, big FO sign on the gate... Soz M8 am rambling....Just a random dude was it? Drummonds 15th
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