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  1. exwino

    Gypsy jazz

    Gypsy jazz stuff Hi Nina. As soundman bob said ,i am right into this gypsy music..very very difficult though it is .. I have had contact with soundman bob and am looking forward to getting some real playing in the future with another guitarist and not a cd,. I would love to get together and jam with you also ? Drop me a private message and let me know where you are based ..Have you been playing long?. Good to hear from you . DAVID
  2. exwino

    Gypsy jazz

    Gypsy jazz guitar players in Aberdeen and surrounding area Please tell me i am not the only one interested in this style .. At least someone talk to me please.. i ain't got the plague?( DH
  3. exwino

    Gypsy jazz

    Hi . Looking for persons interested in gypsy guitar stuff to learn from and have a practice . I have been learning the style for around two years and am looking to broaden my playing horizon ... Anywhere in the Aberdeen area or surrounding countryside would be good for me . Thanks DH.
  4. exwino

    Band in a box

    Band in a box for sale( windows 2007) I wanted this for my apple-mac but windows is not compatible with it (unknown to me) . It is brand new and never used . Please pm me for price DH
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